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We’re still Open for Business

Due to COVID-19, our studio will be closed for the duration of Level 4 lockdown. However, our team is actively working from home and we are still available by phone, email, and can even set up a video conference to talk about your marketing needs. If you are an essential service we are still able to organise printing for you, please get in touch.

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Q. Why do I need writing on my site? Aren't pictures and videos more engaging?

It’s true that pictures and videos tend to be more engaging, but a good portion of visitors will find your site by searching Google using keywords. Written content helps you hit more of these terms people search for so that your site shows up. It’s also often the best choice for longer content like reports, studies, and blogs that people need to refer to frequently.

Q. How long does a logo take?

Logo time varies due to workload and the intensity of the design. A good logo will often take about 3-8 weeks to finish. However, this timeframe can change depending on the specific project and how many rounds of revisions it goes through. Sometimes it’s faster, sometimes a bit slower. But having a quick response when we ask for something will make the process much quicker.

Q. What is the difference between custom-built sites and templated sites?

A template is a pre-made design that is made once and then your branding and content is added to placeholder boxes. With a custom-built site, your design is unique is not restricted to pre-made areas. When we make a custom-site, we make it scalable so you can easily add more functionality, and it’s much easier to update. Your design, your framework, your plug-ins, they’ll all be relevant to your site without wasted resources. This will help your website load faster and work better in the long run.

Q. How much does ‘insert product or design' cost?

Products and services are charged hourly and dependent on the work required. No two jobs are exactly the same. In order to give you an accurate price, give us a call or pop in to 107-109 Spey Street to see us, book a time here: Book a meeting. We are more than happy to quote the work required.

Q. Do I really need a website? Can't I just use Facebook?

Yes. Man cannot survive on Facebook alone… A good website is an investment and the hub of any digital marketing strategy. It helps you get found organically, generate leads and educate your customers about your product and/or service offering. It can help you become an authority or “go-to” in your industry, and above all else, (if designed, executed and maintained well) it will help you build and maintain credibility.

Q. Whos own the Intellectual Property made for you?

When we make a design, website, or any other intellectual properties, as the creators we are the official owners of said property. However, in our agreements, we grant an indefinite royalty-free license to use and modify the IP as you see fit.

Q. Why is my price different than the initial quote?

When we quote something, we take a lot of factors into consideration. If there are a lot of variables or additional changes that come up in the process, your final quote may change from the one you have initially. We’ll let you know if this happens right away. Also, you can always call us if you have questions or need to make adjustments to the project.

Q. Will it cost me to make a change to my design midway?

That depends on how much time is left in the job. We expect that there will be some modifications, but if we’re at the final stages and you agreed to the design earlier and then decide to rework the entire thing, a major revision like that would incur additional time for us and thus come with a cost.

Q. What does Back9 mean?

It’s a cool-sounding name, isn’t it? Maybe you’ll have to stop by and ask us about it sometime. 😉

Q. What type of files do I get with my logo?

As part of the logo package you select, you will be supplied a variety of different file types that your logo may need to be used as. This includes both high-quality JPEG’s, and transparent PNG’s, as well as different colour modes so they can be used both for print or digital uses.

Q. What responsibilities do I have as a client?

During project development, we will require collaboration with clients. In order for a project to move forward efficiently, we require the client to respond to questions and provide feedback. This will affect the project’s completion date if we need to wait, so the faster you respond, the faster we can get your project completed!