T and T Property Management Logo & Brand Identity

When Tony and Tash first came to us, they were after a business card only, and had not really thought about anything more. We sat down and discussed with them the importance of creating a good logo and building a strong visual identity. From our discussion, the brief was somewhat open - they were set on Orange as a colour, and after a few question around WHY they were in business we were able to ascertain a few key things; They wanted to be seen as down-to-earth and approachable, easy-going and wanted to offer a full property management service - including maintenance.

THE DESIGN SOLUTIONWe knew the house idea was somewhat overdone - so we knew we had to put a slightly different spin on it. We created a logo graphic which was more about having a conversation (hence the speech bubbles) rather than about the house or property management

THE PROJECT OUTCOME The result was a clean, symmetrical and professional graphic with the two tone speech bubbles clearly suggesting the idea of ‘conversation’ - with the house shape cut from it in the negative space. The contemporary typeface is strong and dependable and addition of the hand written tag-line really ties all these elements together.

July 7, 2016

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Brand Identity