Studio Renovations

It's human nature to seek out and associate with individuals who we ‘click’ with, who we feel like we have something in common with and who we can relate to.

These are the people we are comfortable to be around, and with whom we can build a community with.

Business is no different!

People run businesses. People have ideas, People have philosophies and values and this is what creates their brand.

Great Graphic Design and Marketing is about communicating these values and the brand's personality. It's not necessarily about being up-to-date with the current trends and it shouldn't be about trying to impress someone or being someone you’re not. That idea is old school. It goes back to the old days of marketing and advertising where the main way to sell a message was to manipulate. Scarcity tactics and the like where the aim was to get the message out to as many people and sell as much of your product to as many people as possible. That was MASS MARKETING.

Marketing today is NOT about selling more stuff to more people! It’s about telling your story, letting people see who you truly really are and attracting the right people, people who actually want to work with you, buy from you and in general, support you because they too share common beliefs…

At back 9, we’re not going out to prove anything to anyone. We’re here because we love helping our community tell their story. We believe if we are true to this then we will be successful and we will be successful almost by default. It is a natural progression.

So, anyway… We've also been working on more  ways lately to tell our story to show our personality and communicate it in a creative way.

We didn’t do our renovating to better align with trends and industry changes or some wanky b.s. like that, we did it because it better reflects who we are and how we should be seen. We are a creative studio that’s not afraid to be ourselves! And that’s where all marketing and advertising should derive from - THE TRUTH.