Farm 4 Life HUB

From a young age, Tangaroa Walker worked on a dairy farm and found there were a lot of unexpected problems and surprises that happened on the job. He wished that he could’ve known how to handle some of these issues ahead of time instead of learning on the job, but there was simply no good source of education available. 

Tangaroa is changing that through his learning platform, the Farm 4 Life HUB. To say this is a massive project is an understatement; Farm 4 Life is aiming higher, to completely revolutionise the NZ dairy industry. 

Teaming up with John Schol from Malloch McLean and us at Back9, Farm 4 Life has developed a comprehensive video blueprint that they have been building over the last few years. 

We’ve helped by designing and building the website and uploading the videos and quizzes. Back9 also manages the customer database (CRM) and has built a chatbot, run Facebook ads to reach people around the country. And we’re building the app for them as well, with plenty of other projects in the works!

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