KiwiYo Invercargill

KiwiYo makes deliciously sweet frozen treats including their famous frozen yoghurt. They needed a menu revamp and a website just as sweet as their menu!

After spending some time getting to know Denise and how her store works it was quite obvious that something was missing. Yes, everyone knows about the frozen yogurt at KiwiYo. But what wasn’t obvious is the wide variety of other desserts on offer. To solve this problem we suggested designing and creating physical menus for workers to give out to clients as they enter the shop (which is kitted out with comfortable seating and tables) as well as displaying their offering as slides on the multiple televisions in store. That way it would be hard to miss!

Always a sweets lover, Tanya enjoyed working on the fun menu design and website. Charlotte managed to take some amazing photos that could be used for all designs. Having great photos always helps!

The new KiwiYo menu consisted of easily replaceable A4 sheets attached to a clipboard. In-store slides also show their offerings.

Then, Dallen went to work creating funny and pun-filled blogs for their website and managed their social media accounts as well. Emma assisted in setting Denise up for marketing success by showing her the ropes on Facebook and planning multiple promotions to increase sales and awareness, and boy did it work!


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