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When Tony first came to us, he was only after a business card only, and had not really thought about anything more. We sat down and discussed with him the importance of creating a good logoand building a strong visual identity.

From our discussion, the brief was somewhat open. Orange was definitely going to be the colour. After we asked Tony a few questions about WHY he went into the business, we knew what to do. T & T Property Management wanted to be seen as down-to-earth, approachable, and easygoing and wanted to offer a full property management service–including maintenance.

From our market research, we knew the house idea was a bit overdone. So it was important that we put a slightly different spin on it. First, we created the logo graphic which was more about having a conversation (hence the speech bubbles) rather than about the house or property management.

The result was a clean, symmetrical and professional graphic with the two-tone speech bubbles. It clearly suggests the idea of ‘conversation’ – with the house shape cut from it in the negative space. The contemporary typeface is strong and dependable and the addition of the handwritten tag-line really ties all these elements together.

After we finished the logo design, we went to work on print products. In addition, we created brochures, banners, and even a keychain. Oh, and a new website too!

Tanya was responsible for the design of their website. And John did a great job integrating the website with a third-party system that manages all the property listings.

Live Website
Tony Mennell

Meet the Client

Tony Mennell

Tony is dedicated to and passionate about T & T Property Management. A local, family owned and operated independent property management company, offering a unique, proven and cost-effective residential property …


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