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Do you collect email addresses and contact information from potential customers on your site? If so, you already have a strong base of people who are interested in what you have to offer. Now, what can you do with that information? Send them (relevant) stuff through email campaigns ofcourse!

Newsletters and email campaigns are a great way to keep in touch and remind people that they showed that interest earlier. Unlike other types of advertising, you already have an ‘in’ with this audience because you know you’re offering a product or service they have expressed interest in. This means that you’re in a great position to offer them help and connect them with what they need.

What are newsletters and what do you include in them?

Newsletters are emails that are sent out on a regular basis that show what you and your business has been up to, with the bonus of being created by a creative professional copywriter. Usually, these are sent out every month or quarterly, depending on how often you want to reach out and whether or not you have a lot to say.

Typically, we’ll include your logo to remind people who you are. This will be followed by any work that you’re particularly proud of since the last newsletter. New products or offerings are usually given a quick blurb too, as well as any updates like changes in business hours. If you want to offer any promotions or discounts, this is the prime place to do so. Great deals can even get your newsletter passed along to other people not on your email list. Reward your loyal customers here!

When would I need an email campaign?

Emails are the preferred way that most customers want to receive promotional messages. Promotional messages are a good option when you want to reach out to an interested market, but don’t want to send a full newsletter. You can advertise a new product or a sale here, as well as any upcoming events you’re holding.

How do I know if the emails are effective?

When we send out newsletters or email campaigns, we do it through CRM software that tracks various metrics. It checks things such as whether or not the message is opened or if a person clicks on a link after opening it. It’s not uncommon for a small percentage of people to unsubscribe, especially if you send out messages frequently. But if we notice a spike in the unsubscribe rate, it lets us know what content the customer. Then, we can use that information to plan out your future emails.

We make sure your business is represented properly

Even when we’re the ones creating your newsletters and emails, it’s important that you think it represents your business accurately. To make sure that they are, we send you a test email before sending it out to your email list. This test email shows you an exact preview of what the customers will see in their inbox. Simply let us know if it’s good to go or if you want any changes, and we’ll make sure it’s right before sending to everyone. Contact us today if you want us to handle your newsletter or other marketing needs.

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