Hi, I'm Charlotte

Photographer, Studio Support & Traffic Manager

Charlotte was previously our trusted photographer who we would contract as required until she realised she loved us all so much she’d love to work here all the time.

So she is now the linchpin in our studio, the first port of call for clients and our jack of all trades (but still a master of photography) supporting everyone in the studio.

Questions for Charlotte

I am inspired by: Music, mountains air, love

My favourite food: CHOCOLATE

One thing I cannot live without: Music

The theme song/soundtrack for my life is: Boyz II Men Album - Nathan Michael Shawn Wanya

Words I live by: Savour every moment. Worrying means you suffer twice. Find out who you are, do it on purpose and do it well.

Pet Peeve: Gah... knife lickers! YUK

Anyone who knows me knows that: Every day I sing - soppy songs flowing with warm fluffy emotions.

The best part of my job: Having creative freedom, being in the company of the cheerful smiley Back 9 crew.

The thing I am most proud of: Being able to step outside of my comfort zone - pushing myself to try new scary/exciting things and doing it with a full heart and a smile.