Hi there, I'm Dallen

Writer, Editor, Reader, Mathlete, Mario Karter, Pizzameister, Flightless Nonextinct Homo Sapien

After living in the same few areas of the United States for his whole life, Dallen decided he needed a change. So naturally, he and his wife moved to the other side of the world.

A lifelong writer and editor, Dallen has worked alongside doctors, marketers, engineers, psychologists, scientists, literary agents, and elephants. Okay, so maybe not one of those things.

Dallen graduated summa cum laude with a customised degree in writing and digital technology because he thought writing and learning software would have more practical uses than quoting Shakespeare lines nobody understands.

Questions for Dallen

I AM INSPIRED BY: Clever storytelling like heist stories and Christopher Nolan movies.

MY FAVOURITE FOOD IS: Sushi--The RAW kind/Sourdough Pizza (That didn’t make it to NZ :-|)

ONE THING YOU CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT: The wife, who without I would probably be literally dead. Also, cheese.


WORDS YOU LIVE BY: Before you ask why, ask if.

PET PEEVE: The mindset that Professional = Serious + Formal . I believe that Professional = Quality + Relevance so professional comedians can keep their jobs too.

ANYONE WHO KNOWS ME KNOWS THAT: I’m an innovator always looking to do things in a better, cheaper, or more efficient way.

THE BEST PART OF MY JOB: Writing puns and unique comparisons.

THE THING I AM MOST PROUD OF: Moving to a country on the other side of the world--without visiting first!