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Writing is something a lot of people think they can do on their own–until they sit down at the computer and are met with a blank page and a blinking cursor. A blank website with a few pictures won’t get you too far, and copywriting is essential to make your website look full and informative. “Copy” doesn’t mean something is plagiarized from somewhere else; it simply means the written content of a page, so all the words you see whenever you go to a website. Copy includes the words on the homepage, the about page, product page, and everywhere else.

Obviously, a site will look pretty empty without any words on the pages. While some users are perfectly fine with taking a quick look at your site and calling you up for business, others like to learn as much about you as possible first before making a decision about whether or not to do business with you. These people will only call you as a last resort–and only if you convince them that it’s worth their while.

Get found with SEO Copywriting

One of the most important parts of copywriting is helping your site get found search engines. This is often termed as on-page SEO and takes a specific type of writing that takes keywords or keyword phrases–search terms you want to rank for–into account and uses them naturally throughout the page. Old school methods meant that the targeted keyword was stuffed into the page as often as possible in ways that sounded unnatural and didn’t make sense.

For instance, if you wanted to show up for “best chocolate chip cookies Dunedin”, it would be something like “We have the best chocolate chip cookies Dunedin around. No one else has the best chocolate chip cookies Dunedin like we do, because we have the best chocolate chip cookies Dunedin.” Nowadays, the page might mention the keyword strategically a couple of times, but the main goal is to be informative and useful to the reader. Our copywriters understand how the Google algorithm works and how to write while keeping around 200 factors to take into account; that’s a lot to be understood.

How will your copywriting services work for me?

Our copywriting services help to flesh out your website, blog, email newsletters, flyers, booklets or other marketing materials by filling it full of relevant information that is useful to your target audience. For your website, we’ll make a page for each of the types of services you offer and make sure that the writing is optimised for Google while also being useful and informative to readers. This will help to educate readers that want to learn as much about you as possible while also increasing your exposure to search engines so that people are more likely to find you through search terms.

But copywriting is for more than just websites. Looking to add a bit of flair to your printed materials? Combining graphic design layout and typesetting with masterful wordsmithing can trick even avid non-readers into giving your materials a quick skim. And for the bibliomaniacs out there, we can also create press releases, white papers and other long-form content so you can read until your inkwell is filled. Avoid the blank page staredown and let our professional writers handle all the word and sentence building for you. Get in touch today to get started or to find out more.

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