Search Engine Optimisation

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No, SEO isn’t a cute fuzzy animal you can find in the ocean. But when done right, it can be the seal that keeps your company from dropping off the first pages of Google!

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which basically means the stuff you need to do in order to be found on Google. Right now there are over 1.5 billion websites in the world but don’t worry–only a few hundred million are currently active! Still, it would take at least 20 years to simply count to 200 million… So how do you stop your site from getting lost in a seemingly endless web?

SEO best practices help you rise to the top

Fortunately for us, your ranking on Google isn’t random. With a little hard work and knowledge of how search engines work, we can help you rise above the rest. First of all, your business doesn’t have to become the top search in the world because most people check locally first. And luckily, Google prioritizes local results over places further away. Also, not every one of those 200 million active sites cares about the same keywords. It’s a big difference between ranking above every site in the world and ranking as a local sandwich shop that also sells pastries.

Even still, being the top shop in town for your industry can be a huge difference in sales, especially when accompanies by positive customer reviews. So how does SEO help make that happen?

Optimizing for search engines involves dozens of factors

There are about 200 different things that Google looks for when ranking a page. Having fresh, high-quality content and copywriting are especially helpful. Some other factors include having URLs short and properly set up, as well as page load speed and site security and hierarchy. It’s a lot to keep track of!

But our team of specialists work with these things every day and it’s become second nature to them. With dedicated developers, designers, writers, and more, everyone focuses on a specific area and works together to perform Website Optimisation and see that you can be found by the people who are looking for you. Let us seal your website’s fate in a good way and get in touch with us today.

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