Back 9 is a company, that is rapidly expanding and consistently winning more and more work from a variety of clients in a diverse range of industries, from all over New Zealand.

From Invercargill & Queenstown Lakes District in the Far South, to Christchurch, Nelson, Wellington, Hawke’s Bay and Auckland and with the impressive technology that is the gravity defying powered man flight, the interweb and the cloud at our fingertips – we’re (literally) 3 hours or (virtually) milliseconds away from just about anywhere in this great country of ours.

Right from the beginning, Phil and the team have been there every step of the way. From the initial name ideas and logo design to the web and Facebook page – and everything in between. It’s like we’re more than a customer, in fact, Back9 is almost an extension of the Auction House – It’s like we have our very own marketing department.

– Judy Storey, Owner, The Auction Restaurant & Bar

The rapid growth we have experienced can only be attributed to the dedication to our clients and our uncompromising commitment to them and their businesses.We could easily go on all day about how great we are. We could use design & marketing jargon and endless buzzwords to affirm how much we know and you would think we’re really smart! But to be honest, that’s not how we roll.

Creating smart visual and digital marketing for ambitious businesses to tell their story is what drives us – It’s about helping them create amazing BRANDS. Then they can decide to go out and the conquer world – or better – build a whole new world of their own!

The bottom line is: We genuinely want to help people grow their organisations and that means thinking Big and creating great marketing (in most cases a website) that works… We want to get your phones ringing and your inbox flooded… And, that’s the true measure of our success…

We believe that every local business – big or small, old or new – should have the opportunity to advertise their business on the world stage at a world class level!

So, if you believe that too and you want to be the best at what you do and give your customers the best experience possible every time, then that’s WHY we reckon you should work with us – our work speaks for itself and it corroborates our story, so at the end of the day it’s up to you to decide whether you want to work with us – or not. And we understand and respect that!

With our creative talent, your passion, charm and good looks, we just know we can make awesome business together so let’s chat and find out if we like each other… What are you waiting for?

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