Stewart Island

Stewart Island

Stewart Island

  • Brand Identity


The Stewart Island Promotions Committee came to us requiring a fresh approach to their brand Identity. Something that would be

modern, but still represent the relaxed nature and rich history or the island in order to communicate this “hidden gem” to the world at large. The aim was to create an identity that could stand alongside any other tourist destination in the world and ultimately help attract more visitors.


We set out researching the history for ourselves – Including a day trip over to the Island. The Maori Legend says Stewart Island/Rakiura is the Anchor Stone of Maui’s Waka (The South Island) and we felt it was

integral that this was represented (the anchor) – Not only given this

legend, but also the history of the fishing, whaling industry in NZ


The final logo represents Stewart Island in a number of ways. Not only is the shape of the graphic is indicative of the shape of the island itself, with the dot on the ‘i’ representing the community of Oban and the outler line the communuity as a whole, the segmented ‘rope’ element factors in the main aspects of what the Island has become known for (as detailed in the brand guidelines) and the overall shape is also based on the traditional Maori anchorstone The custom had drawn typeface, is down-to-earth, friendly and gives us that sense of being laidback (as is the island).

The Tagline options are the icing on the cake. They all also use the ‘S’ & ‘i’and can potentially be used in a variety of campaigns and

scenarios depending on the audience and market.