Sutherland Construction Brand Identity

The ‘Foundation’ (Background)

Regan and Katrina were referred to us by an existing client when they were starting their new construction business. Regan has a high skillet and knowledge he has accumulated over 20 years in the building arena - both residential and commercial, but in terms of marketing they weren’t really sure what they wanted or where to begin, but knew they wanted to do things professionally, in fact their 3 key values we identified together were:
1. Integrity
2. Professionalism
3. Innovation

The ‘Plan’ (Design Brief)

From our initial discussion and our client survey, we identified the main aspects of design Regan and Katrina liked like and what they may like to see in their new identity: Clean, Modern, Sophisticated & Bold.
They had also identified with a logo design on our wall of fame, that we had done previously and this gave a good sense of direction for the look and feel of the design.

The ‘Result’ (Outcome)

We feel the final logo is strong and gives a sense of power and strength. As the graphic is abstract it doesn’t define/represent one area of your business and therefore that will allow your business to grow and adapt in years to
The overall look and feel of the logo demonstrates a solid, well-built construction. We feel that the concept combines multiple elements such as creativity, problem-solving, innovation and energy in an engaging way.
There are many elements that can be seen within the graphic as; a star, diamond (quality/class), letters from your surname, a hash-tag(a reference to
modern communication/innovative) and many more.
Whilst this still a very new business, we see the Identity coming together really well over time as we complete more components of the overall visual identity.