The Auction House Cafe & Bar

The ‘Menu’ (Background)

When it comes to cafés in Invercargill, Three Bean was our local favourite... They were our former neighbour in our previous studio and the coffee was always top notch!
With their lease expiring, Judy came to us with an idea. She was looking at moving and expanding into dinner and bar service too.
It’s fair to say that we were pretty damn excited. Not only was she looking at moving into a brand new modern space, the plan was to offer an alternative to the status-quo in town, by offering healthier choices and an exceptional level of service.
So with all that said and done, a new name was also on the cards! Exciting!!!

The ‘Entree' (Design Brief)

The site where the new cafe and bar was to be situated was the former
Todd Auctions site - somewhat of a local institution - so the name of the
new cafe should reflect this. a few names we bandied about, however, we felt
The Auction House was the best fit - thankfully Judy agreed.
The logo and visual identity was to be clean and modern, but still reflect the
rich history of the Todd Auction Rooms.

The ‘Main’ (The Solution)

The final logotype was developed using an industrial feel to reflect the decor
of The Auction House. The ‘a’ gives a sense of personality and character that
helps to create and tell the brand story. These attributes also link with the
down to earth nature of the business.
The ‘a’ gives the brand an identifiable mark that can be used alone or with
text. It is simple yet bold and effective, allowing it to work across all

The ‘Dessert’ (The Outcome)

The proof is in the pudding! The aim is always to create great marketing
that gets people talking, engaging with us and ultimately booking tables. This
worked so well that when The Auction House launched, we had to disable
the online booking functionality as they could not cope with the influx from
all the various channels.
In terms of the logo, it translates well across all of The Auction House
marketing material and by engaging an agency to create content and
manage the social channels creates a great sense of consistency across the