Marketing Automation

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Marketing Automation might sound like a robot that can take care of all your marketing needs before you can even anticipate them, but it’s a little more complicated than that. Okay, maybe not more complicated than creating that robot, but you wouldn’t want one even if it existed because a human touch is essential for successful marking.

“Pssst… Bzzzt… Beep-Bop… Automated Marketing Robot Online. Performing Marketing Tasks. Marketing Complete. Shutting Down.”

It would be pretty cool though.

So what IS Marketing Automation then?

Marketing Automation is a way to speed up certain processes, but they still require people to create those processes. For instance, if you have a sign-up form on your home page, the automation could be to send a welcome email 5 minutes after they submit the form and a voucher 24 hours after that. Usually, a CRM will manage the process, but someone still has to create the welcome email and the voucher email, but automation sends the emails at a specific time on its own to people who meet a certain criteria that you establish.

Chatbots are a different method of Marketing Automation and are quickly growing in popularity. And unlike the example above, chatbot conversation has grown a lot more natural since the days of SICO in Rocky IV. Chatbots can answer basic questions so customers can find what they’re looking for instead of giving up and looking elsewhere. They can even be programmed with simple responses to random questions if you want—Spark’s Chatbot Ivy says her favourite food is data… So she won’t “overload” on carbs.

How do I know what should be automated?

Certain tasks are more efficient when automated, while others will make you seem empty, hollow, and robotic. The trick is finding which is which, and that can be different depending on your business type and your goals. And it’s important to get it right!

With our help, your Marketing Automation can function like Optimus Prime instead of HAL 9000, saving your customers instead of being their downfall. We’ll talk with you and figure out which part of your ad campaigns to automate and which parts that need more personalization and that extra human touch. “Beep-Bop… Get in touch…today…”

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