Company Culture – Back9 Creative

These days, creating a great company culture isn’t just a nice-to-have — it’s essential for creating an innovative, successful business.

Company culture is the soul of any organization and directly impacts people’s ability to succeed and grow in their roles. That’s why at Back9 Creative we’re on a mission to create a place where people love to come to work.

Core Values

Our core values of C.H.O.I.C.E. create the foundation for our vibrant workplace culture.

  • Community – Connecting People With Purpose

  • Hunger – Going above and beyond

  • Open-Minded – Pushing Boundaries

  • Inspire – Turning Ideas into Action

  • Collaborate – Work together to Win

  • Empathy – Genuine Care and Respect

We understand that fostering an atmosphere of inclusion starts with our team members feeling comfortable expressing themselves and engaging with each other in meaningful ways – whether that is through, daily meditation, shared lunch days or in-person team-building activities.

At Back9 Creative, we strive to create a workspace or an environment where everyone can be their most creative and productive self. We take time for personal development and team bonding, so our team members are motivated to succeed in their roles with a sense of purpose that comes from working together on meaningful projects. Company culture drives engagement and productivity, creates a spirit of camaraderie, and ultimately helps us achieve our organizational goals

We’re passionate about creating a place where people love to work – one that is inclusive, diverse, collaborative, and inspiring. At Back9 Creative, company culture and our core values aren’t just something we talk about; it’s something we strive to live into every day!

We believe that the future of business lies in cultivating a strong company culture. By focusing on core values and investing in our team members, Back9 is creating an environment where everyone can thrive! So if you’re looking for a creative agency that puts its people first, look no further. We’re always open to welcoming new team members who share our passion for company culture and innovation! Let’s create something amazing together!