Facebook: To Boost or Not to Boost? That is the Question!

Facebook: To Boost or Not to Boost? That is the Question!

So you’ve got a Facebook page, and you’re trying to reach as many people as possible. There are a lot of moving parts when Marketing your business on Facebook. You’re hearing that boosting Facebook posts is the way to go, but should you really be boosting every post? Let’s find out!

What Does it Mean to Boost a Post?

Boosting a post essentially means paying Facebook for more attention. When you boost a Facebook post, it reaches more of your followers (or whoever you target) on their news feeds. And then it can be seen by more people who follow the same interests as your target audience. It’s important to note that when you boost a post, it will only be seen on Facebook. And not on other social media platforms.

When Should I Boost Facebook Posts?

It’s important to consider that boosting any old post might not be worth it. There needs to be something special about the content for it to be worth spending money on. If your post contains an event announcement, a discount code, or some other kind of exclusive offer, then boosting it can be beneficial because more people will see the offer and take advantage of it. However, if your post doesn’t contain anything noteworthy or valuable enough that would make someone want to engage with it further (such as clicking through to read a blog article), then boosting won’t really do much in terms of gaining traction or engagement from users.

It’s also important to consider that boosted posts have an expiration date – usually within 7 days. So if you’re looking for long-term exposure for your content then boosting might not be the best option either.

What are Alternatives Ways I Can Get More Exposure for My Posts?

If boosting isn’t right for you at this time, or you’re not sure. Don’t worry. There are still plenty of other ways you can get more exposure for your posts without breaking the bank. You can share your posts on other social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram; use relevant hashtags in order to increase visibility; add links back to your website; comment on related posts; join relevant groups and communities; engage with influencers in your industry; use paid advertising options like Google Ads; and create high-quality content that gets shared organically through word-of-mouth (this one takes time but is definitely worth it!).


Boosting Facebook posts has its benefits but also its drawbacks – so is it really worth putting money towards every single one of your posts? Or are you better off actually running targeted ads (yes there’s a difference) The answer depends on what kind of content you’re posting and what kind of results you want from them. If you’re posting special offers or announcements then yes, boosting could help get those out there faster – however, if your goal is long-term exposure or better organic reach then look into alternative methods instead. Ultimately though, only time will tell if investing in each individual post was the right move or not!