Lead Generation: How Do I Turn Strangers Into Leads?

Lead Generation: How Do I Turn Strangers Into Leads?

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How do I turn strangers into leads?

One of the biggest advantages of the digital age is that it’s easier than ever for companies to learn more about customers to give them what they want. But it’s also made it so that you get a lot more virtual “window shoppers”. People will stop by your website for a quick look to see what you have without buying anything. These people will usually have some interest in what you have. But for many, once they leave they’re gone for good. Unlike a physical store, there’s no one to stop and ask if they’ve found everything they’re looking for.

Or is there?

Lead capture and lead generation are designed to do just that. To generate more leads, you have to offer these people. Something of value – or at least perceived value. The journey to capturing the information and turning a site visitor into a lead is known as a conversion path. Simply put this is the path your visitor will take in order for you to capture their infomation. Then they become a lead.

How do you get information from page visitors?

Some websites get thousands if not hundreds of thousands of visitors each day. Most people won’t end up buying or booking anything right away, but if they’re in the research phase of the Buyer’s Journey, it can be helpful to make sure they don’t forget about you. But how can you get any information from someone just visiting?

This is where lead capture comes in. Lead capture is any method you use to get information about potential leads. It can be done in several methods. One way is to use a form on the sidebar with an offer or a quick contact form. Another way is a popup form that appears when someone visits a page and then goes to leave. It only appears when they go to hit the x or the back button at the top of the screen and asks a quick question like if they want to be subscribed for newsletters or emails with exclusive sales.


Captured but not captive

Effective lead capture isn’t the same as those websites that put a giant form over the page when you’re in the middle of reading it. “Oh cool, 6 reasons images are important…” And then in the middle of that sentence your screen is filled with a giant picture asking for your information, and then another popup on top of that one trying to connect to your Facebook account… And it shows your name.

Sure, this sort of intrusive interruption gives a better chance of getting a name than having no form at all, but it’s also much more likely to get frustrated users to never come back… Or to get a whole bunch of Henry Sewell’s with bogus email addresses. Blocking off the information visitors want and holding them captive and forcing them to click out of your whole-screen form or ad is a great way to make sure they hit the X on your site for good.


Build interest through Lead Generation Campaigns

Lead capture is a great way to get information about customers who visit your site, but how do you get them there in the first place? That’s where lead generation campaigns come in. A lead generation campaign is any method to get people interested in your company or a specific product or service. And there are limitless things you could try.

But all of them come back to providing something of value to people. And that doesn’t necessarily have to cost you a small fortune. Software makers for instance will give out free trials, usually for one or two weeks or a Trial Version that has limited features so that people can test it out before deciding to purchase or commit to a paid subscription. It doesn’t have to be giving out a full wardrobe or a month-long cruise in a luxury yacht, but it does need to be enticing enough for people to put in some effort or give out their contact details.


Get those creative juices flowing for lead generation!

It’s important to offer something of value for a lead generation campaign. But that doesn’t mean it has to be boring. You can team up with other companies and offer free tickets to events to people who like and comment on a Facebook post. You can build a giant prize wheel and let anyone who comes into your shop give it a spin for a chance to win 15% off or a company-branded water bottle. Or you could even give a free jar of your mum’s famous Chilli Powder Marmite with a $50-dollar purchase.

With lead generation campaigns, you have a chance to showcase your brand’s personality. And they’re a fantastic way to have a little bit of fun. However, be sure to be conscious of your brand positioning—the way that you want your brand to be perceived—especially when doing a campaign a little out of the ordinary. This will be the first exposure to your brand for many people, and you want to make sure they understand your company and what you stand for.


How do I get help with lead capture and lead generation?

If you’re having trouble creating effective lead capture methods or coming up with creative lead generation campaigns, our eBook The Beginner’s Guide to Generating Inbound Leads has helpful tips for attracting leads, creating useful offers, and tips on lead generation campaigns. Download it now for free by filling out the form below!

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