Out With the Old, In With the New: The Benefits of Growth-Driven Design

Out With the Old, In With the New: The Benefits of Growth-Driven Design

Have you ever put a massive amount of time and energy into designing something, only to never use it? Have you ever printed hundreds of flyers for an event that no one attended? You know what we’re talking about.

Well, the reality s this happens more often than we care to talk about. And with websites too.

If you intend to get a website live but not promote it, it’s the same as printing a poster and hanging it in a closet. And no one except you will ever know about it.

The Numbers Don’t Lie

Over the past 5-6 years, we have built some 150 websites. Each and every client vowed to provide all the content, written and visual. And keep the websites up-to-date once launched.  I have literally lost count of how many sites were designed and built and then stalled waiting for content. One website – I kid you not – stood still for 5 years waiting for the client to supply the content – and then in the end they had us do it anyway!

On top of this maybe 10% of the 150 sites (that’s 15 people) have ever logged in to the back end of their website. And of those 15, only 33.33% (5 people) have logged in regularly!

This is no one’s fault. And it doesn’t just happen to us, it happens all over the world. People running businesses are busy. Busy running their business! They don’t have the time or the know-how to create content update websites, perform SEO, etc. That’s why they need to hire a professional web design company.

if your website is in need of some TLC then it might be time to take a more growth-driven approach. Let’s dive into why growth-driven design is the way to go!


The Problem: Traditional Websites are Dead

It used to be that a website was treated as a one-time project—a brochure that would never change after it was launched. But times have changed; people want more dynamic websites with fresh content. If you launch a website and do nothing to improve it or nothing to promote it, it is like putting a massive amount of time and energy into designing and printing a bunch of posters and then hanging them all in a closet. No one will ever see them—and no one will ever know what your company has to offer!

A website should be seen as an ongoing project that will evolve over time; if maintained properly, it can become an invaluable asset that generates leads and increases sales. That’s where growth-driven design comes in; this innovative methodology focuses on continual improvement over time rather than treating websites as static entities with fixed content.

What Is Growth-Driven Design?

How Growth-driven Website design works is a better way, Put simply it’s an agile way of web development and design. It takes away the traditional approach and instead focuses on tangible strategy, quick wins, and long-term improvements. Growth-Driven Design (GDD)relies on data collection for its insights rather than guesswork. Data is the new black, and data-driven marketing matters. It gives you all the answers before you need them. It also looks at user experience as well as how users interact with a website before making any changes or improvements. This means that websites are constantly evolving based on user feedback and analytics.


Why Do I Need Growth-Driven Design?

If you want your website to stand out from the rest, GDD is essential—especially since traditional web design isn’t very effective anymore. In fact, the traditional web design is broken! The traditional web design process can be lengthy and expensive; it involves months of research, planning, testing, launching, and finally maintenance. That’s a lot! Plus, traditional websites require frequent updates as technology changes which can add up in time and money spent maintaining them. With GDD though, websites are consistently updated so they remain relevant even as technology advances—all while being cost-effective too!

Plus not only does GDD help your website stay up to date but it also makes sure that your website is optimized for search engine optimization (SEO). You want people to be able to easily find your website when searching for certain keywords or topics related to it; this means that SEO must be done regularly & strategically. GDD helps ensure that you have great content that is easy to find & navigate, plus optimized for search engines. This will help boost visibility & increase traffic — leading more people to check out your product or service!

Growth-driven design is quickly becoming the go-to method for creating websites due its cost-effectiveness and efficiency. It also helps keep websites current by continuously providing updates & improvements based on user feedback & analytics. Additionally, GDD improves SEO visibility by optimizing content and structure — helping draw more attention towards your product or services! All in all, growth-driven design is the ideal solution for any business looking for measurable results without breaking their budget. So why wait?

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