Brand Identity

Brand Identity Image

Quick, what’s your brand’s identity? If you answered with “My logo”, excellent work! If not, then the correct answer is… Still your logo. And what it represents. Your logo is the primary representation of your brand identity. It’s the way that people recognize you and what you have to offer.

But your brand identity also encompasses your design, style, and tone. It’s the way that you’re the same across different mediums and outlets. And when done right, people will notice your consistency and will be able to easily recognise you and make a connection to you–and be more likely to choose you.

A logo is more than a picture

Designing a unique, memorable logo is incredibly important work. And it can be quite a lucrative business. Some of the bigger corporations literally spend millions of dollars to get a new logo perfect. But why do they do that? How is a logo different from other pictures?

That little picture is of huge importance to your business and your overall brand identity. Your working style, your work quality, your brand recognition, they’re all tied to your logo. A good logo grabs someone’s attention and gets them to look for more. Plus if your business name is similar to a competitor’s, it can be the way they tell you apart—“It’s that one, the one with the two hammers!” Don’t skimp when it comes to logo design!

What else goes into brand identity?

Your brand identity is everything that allows people to know that it’s you. The logo is a big part of that. But so is the typeface (font) of your business name and even the font colour. Tone and style is crucial as well. Are you serious and to the point, or cheeky and humorous in your ads, newsletters, and social media? All of these elements play into how people see and remember you. And remember, that it will be appearing all over; on your website, print ads, signs, and more.

As an experienced marketing team who’s been in the biz for a while, we know all of the features that an effective logo design requires. Our graphic design team knows all of the advanced properties of visual communication and consider, colour, placement, and even a bit of psychology. When done right, your brand identity can evoke positive emotions and be a win for everyone! Drop in or get in touch today if you’re keen to discuss your next move.

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