3 reasons to invest in a custom-built website

3 reasons to invest in a custom-built website

A Custom Website Design is made to fit your needs!

Websites are a lot like shoes – there’s a lot of options out there... And like shoes, one Size and Style does not fit everyone. 

Most people with a little bit of tech nous these days can figure out or teach themselves how to create a free (or cheap) templated website – well I use the term create loosely and sure, some template sites may have some variation in style, but essentially they’re a one-size fits all solution.

We simply don’t believe in trying to shoehorn anyone into a solution that doesn’t fit their long-term strategic marketing goals.

Whilst you could ask the question “Have Wix, Squarespace and Shopify killed Custom Web Development?”. We believe the answer is clear. Cheap – or free – ‘will do for now’ solutions ultimately won’t last and could cost you a lot more in the long run.

2. Reason #1 SCALABILITY

  • We see it all too often. People have been shoe-horned into a solution that isn’t the right fit in the long term. This is often a sales technique to get more money out of them in the short-term future. But also can be simply because it’s all the people selling the solution can deliver.

    Once you’re in the online space and your mind is opened up to the possibilities you realise you want to add more to your site. Maybe these are custom website features driven by user experience. Maybe just a way to make you stand out from the crowd. Either way this can often result in a roadblock – or even worse a dead end…
    With a custom website, customisation is always possible – the sky is the limit!


  • The key to creating credibility with any brand is consistency, and to do this it means your identity should be yours – it should be unique! If you have a website that looks just like someone else’s – or worse – your competitors, think about what that may be saying to your potential customer and your sense of individuality.


  • Now we’re experts in digital marketing and not Intellectual property law, however,  something to think about when you choose your website platform, is whether the solution is open-source or proprietary. Should you choose some of the solutions that are proprietary and down the track you decide to upgrade the website or move platforms – or whatever – you may find it difficult to do, whereas open-source technologies allow the flexibility to adapt and grow as you do.

In the end, we recognise there is more than one way to skin a cat. By that I mean (as I said earlier) there are a lot of options out there and whilst we believe firmly that custom is the best option, ultimately it’s up to you. And which option you believe is best for you and your situation.  Every business is different and we accept that, but please… Do some research. Shop around and talk to your potential supplier or agency! Cheap now doesn’t always mean cheap forever… And if you need help, give us a yell.