Best Web Design Companies in Christchurch

Best Web Design Companies in Christchurch

In the quest for the best web design services in Christchurch, it’s worth starting with the ones that dominate the Google SERP (Search Engine Results Pages) rankings.

The rankings are presented based on their standing in the Google SERP, with no particular order.

0. Back9 Creative

Well, yes, you’re right… That’s us. Does that make this article seem biased? Possibly… And technically we’re not “based’ in Christchurch either, but we’re only 55 minutes away. ✈️ 😉

Though to be fair we’ve worked on Christchurch Web Designs for Christchurch based clients plenty of times over the years. And furthermore, when you look at all the work the best web designers in Christchurch – or anywhere in New Zealand are doing, we are absolutely on par with them. So when it comes to Christchurch Web Design, do you really don’t need a locally based company? Our team at Back9 Creative, is made of of an amazingly talented team of designers, developers and marketers, who in short, can stand alongside the best web designers in New Zealand. And the world.

1. Jade Web Design

Jade Web Design has been crafting websites since 1996, staying current with the ever-evolving landscape of web design changes, trends, and requirements. While web design may be perceived as technical or dry, Jade Web Design embraces it as an outlet for creativity, infusing each web page with a unique artistic flair.

Motivated by the enjoyment derived from their work, Jade Web Design approaches each project with enthusiasm. They take pleasure in understanding every client and their respective endeavors, finding a great sense of satisfaction as a result of the successful completion of each website.

Jade Web Design is committed to thoroughness, ensuring that every aspect of the website, even those unseen or unnoticed, is executed with precision and care.

The flexibility of web design is a notable aspect cherished by Jade Web Design, relishing the ability to work from any location at any time, on any day. Furthermore, meeting new clients brings joy, as Jade Web Design appreciates the unique skills each one possesses and feels grateful to have them as part of their circle of connections.

Maintaining relationships with clients is a genuine pleasure for Jade Web Design. They take delight in sharing in their clients’ successes and feeling proud of the contribution their websites make to those achievements.

Securing a strong presence in the Google SERP, [Leading Digital Design Studio B] stands out for delivering tailor-made web solutions aligned with your business goals. Their seasoned professionals bring a wealth of experience to every project, ensuring top-notch results.

2. RocketSpark

In 2009, Rocketspark took off from a student flat in Hamilton, New Zealand. Founded by brothers Jeremy and Grant Johnson, along with their good mates Richard King and Lee Reichardt, all of whom graduated from the University of Waikato at different times with diverse backgrounds in management, web design, and ecommerce. This quartet had collaborated as designers and developers, constructing websites. Drawing from their collective experiences, as a result, they identified an opportunity to develop a platform that would empower customers to build websites more easily and cost-effectively, placing business owners in control of their online presence.

3. Meta Digital

Celebrating its twenty-first year in business, Meta Digital has been a prominent figure in the industry. Over the course of two decades, the company, under the leadership of its founder Norman McKenzie since 2002, has crafted a multitude of custom websites, ranging from brochure sites to expansive eCommerce stores, totaling in the thousands for its diverse clientele.

Headquartered in Christchurch, New Zealand, Meta Digital is home to an enthusiastic team of digital designers and web developers. The company’s dedication to delivering tailored digital solutions spans organisation’s of all sizes. Their specialisation lies in ensuring optimal outcomes for clients through custom website design and development.

Proud of its work and driven by passion, Meta Digital says it is distinguished by its humorous approach shared with clients. The company stands by the ethos of considering clients as partners rather than mere suppliers. While numerous agencies are offering similar services, clients choose Meta Digital not only for its expertise but also for its friendly demeanour and inclusive design approach. Clients who collaborate with Meta Digital can expect an exceptional journey in creating digital solutions together.

4. MocMac Social

A Creative Agency, known for its dedication to people, MoMAc operates from the small town of Rangiora. Situated on Blake Street, the passionate team strives to establish robust connections with clients, delivering innovative outcomes for the people of Canterbury.

The team utilizes their collective talents to breathe life into your brand, employing striking photography, compelling videos, or visually appealing graphics.

Their focus goes beyond aesthetics; collaboration is the key to the agency achieving results that truly matter – whether it’s heightened brand awareness, increased lead generation, or enhanced engagement with the target audience.

5. Web Matters

At Web Matters, visitors are greeted by Michelle Sullivan, a seasoned website designer based in Christchurch. With years of experience in designing and building websites, Michelle has a background in running web design companies. She specializes in working with WordPress and also undertakes projects involving Shopify e-commerce sites.

Moreover Michelle’s portfolio includes the ongoing maintenance of numerous websites developed throughout her business tenure. In addition to maintaining existing sites, she accepts new clients for fresh website builds and is open to considering the maintenance of websites not originally built by her.

How to Choose the Right Web Design Agency from the Top 10

There are many ways to ensure you find the best agency. But ultimately is is about choosing the right web design agency for your business. Below of some bullet point suggestions.

1. Portfolio and Experience:

Examine the portfolios of other agencies to gauge their expertise and versatility. Look for experience in your industry or similar projects.

2. Client Testimonials:

Similarly check for client testimonials and reviews to understand the satisfaction levels of previous clients. Above all, positive feedback is a strong indicator of reliability.

3. Innovative Approach:

Consider agencies that embrace innovation and keep up with the latest design trends and technologies.

4. Collaborative Process:

Opt for agencies that involve you in the design process. For example, collaborative efforts often result in a website that truly aligns with your vision.

5. Scalability:

Select an agency that understands your business growth. Scalability ensures that your website can certainly evolve as your business expands.


When looking for the Best Web Design in Christchurch – Look for Growth-Driven Design

For sustainable online growth, most importantly consider an agency that embraces Growth-Driven Design (GDD). This dynamic approach focuses on iterative improvements based on real user data. Therefore ensuring your website is always evolving to meet your business needs. It’s not a set and forget method, but it’s a Win-Win opportunity for all involved!

Growth-Driven Design offers:

  • Continuous Improvement: Regularly analyze data to identify opportunities for enhancement.
  • Flexibility: Adapt your website as a result of changing business goals and market trends.
  • User-Centric Approach: Prioritise features and updates based on user feedback and behaviour.

In conclusion, the web design companies in Christchurch, dominating the Google SERP are a solid starting point. Dive deeper into each agency’s offerings and values, aligning them with your business goals. And for sustainable online growth, the answer lies in Growth-Driven Design – a dynamic approach that ensures your website is not just a static entity but a living, evolving asset for your business.