Best Web Designers in New Zealand… Who are they?

Best Web Designers in New Zealand… Who are they?

Narrowing down the best business in an industry can be difficult. It’s easy to ask who is the best web design company in Invercargill. But it becomes harder when it comes to the best Web Designers in New Zealand.

With web design and development, aesthetics, price, ongoing service, and other factors all play different roles. One aspect can stand out among the rest for you and something else for your neighbour. So how do we define who is the best?

Business is not a finite thing, in fact, if the business were a sporting match, it would be a draw with endless overtime. There is no official way to measure who is better. Or is there? We have business awards, Best design awards, and a number of other ways to measure who is best, but these are still finite and somewhat subjective things within the infinite.

The best way to decide is by reframing the question – or adding to the end of it – Ask not “Who are the best web designers in New Zealand” but “Who is the best web designer in New Zealand for my business?”


Who are the Best Web Designers in New Zealand?

Which company will be the best for you depends on your needs and circumstances. What are your criteria for partnering with a web designer? What do you want them to do for you?

One of the most important parts of teaming up with a company is working with people who believe what you believe! You can usually feel that in your gut. And from my experience, I would say trust your instinct! It’s easy in an online world to bend the truth or manipulate Google’s Search Engine Results Pages (or SERP). But it is getting harder to do. Consumers want trust from their providers, whether that be from their mechanic, their power company, or theor website design team.

Below are six of the most popular design and digital marketing companies that do business in Invercargill, New Zealand.


KWD also features in our article The 10 Best SEO Companies in New Zealand. They are an Auckland-based Agency that started out back in 2011, KWD or Kiwi Web Design began with the purpose of turning good ideas into great results. They say they have developed a proven formula for growth that has generated thousands of clients and millions in revenue..

White Rabbit

White Rabbit is a design agency based in Newmarket, Auckland. They believe A beautiful, engaging, and user-friendly website can play a huge role in winning new business. They deliver website designs in NZ that make a real impact. Their developers create seamless digital experiences optimised for desktop, mobile, and tablet devices.

At White Rabbit, they develop all of their sites using the latest practices in responsive website design in NZ. So, you can rest assured your website will look great no matter what screen size your customer is using. They also say “Your website needs to stand out in an ever-growing digital world.” White Rabbit is here to provide a compelling digital presence that your audience won’t forget.

The Web Guys

The Web Guys is a fast-growing digital creative agency in Parnell, Auckland.

They develop strategies, create content, build products, launch campaigns, design systems, and then some, all to inspire the people our brands care about most.

After years of evolution in the digital space, they’ve produced cutting-edge creative for startups and well-established companies spanning tech, eCommerce, hospitality, trade, and beyond.

AMG website design NZ

AMG’s web design agency in Auckland is ready to market your business through a wide range of design and marketing tools like custom web design, branding, graphic design, digital marketing and great in-house photography.

They claim to be the Best web designers in New Zealand and affordable. 

AMG website design specialise in designing responsive custom websites that look stunning across all devices and help you achieve your business goals with a great ROI (return on investment).

Back9 Creative

Oh wait… Well, this is embarrassing… That’s us. Does that make this article seem biased? Possibly… But when you look at all the work the best web designers in New Zealand are doing, we are absolutely on par with them. Whether that be the best web design in Christchurch, Invercargill or wherever… So yep possibly the only biased article we’ve ever written, and at the same time completely impartial. Our team is made of of an amazingly talented team of designers, developers and marketers, who can stand alongside the best web designers in New Zealand. And the world.

So, who are the best Web Designers in New Zealand for your business?

So who’s the best Web designers or digital marketing company based in New Zealand, is the best for you and your business? Well… That still depends on what you’re looking for.

KWD, The Webs Guys, White Rabbit and AMG website design are all high perfoming website designers in New Zelaand. They are also all based in Auckland. The question then is are all the best web designers in Auckland? Or are there other talented web design companies based elsewhere in NZ?

We believe there are many talented web design companies in New Zealand, including ourselves. (Ofcourse)

If you’re looking to partner with a Web Designer, it’s worth taking the time to research. And in this day and age you’re  not limited to your postcode. Ultimately a website should work for your business. And if a company in Invercargill, Christchurch, Wellington, or even Nelson seems the best fit for you, then you should be prepared to give it a go.

A great website should deliver on the following 3 things:

  1. Marketing – attracting and engaging the right people and telling your story.
  2. Education – Educating the buyer on what you do, what you offer, your industry and more…
  3. Sales – If you’re selling online of course, but also, converting visitors into leads or contacts.

When you’re deciding who to contact, look over their website. If their site seems easy to use, and it answers most of your questions, chances are they could be a good fit. One tip is to check right at the bottom of their website and looks for the “Copyright ©” info. If it says 2014, chances are they may be a bit out of touch. Read up on their services, and testimonials. Ultimately if their style and tone match what you want for your own business, they may be worth talking to. Taking time to find that right fit and work with credible, reliable businesses can save time and trouble later on. So it’s worth the effort!