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Do Google Ads Even Work? Well, Yes. Yes They Do...

Advertising tactics have been around forever. tradtionally they’ve been interuprtive and not specifically targeted. It’s all about getting your name out there… But those days are gone my friend. It used to be Radio was the go. TV if you can afford it. But now with mobile and digital technology Advertising can be highly targeted. This means you’re no longer trying to interrupt and get in front of people who may need your products or service, but they are able to find you based on what they need…  So, do Google ads work?

The short answer is Yes. Google Ads work bloody well – BUT… That’s if campaigns are set up and managed correctly! You can be very successful with Google Ads. But they are not a silver bullet and they are not a standalone solution,

Marketing in the Digital Age has created more opportunities.  Opportunity to get your ads seen by the right people at the right time. And often more than once! Unlike the old mass marketing way of doing things, we can put our dollars to work a lot smarter. Not only that PPC ads such as Google Ads or Targeted Meta Ads are highly measurable. So we know that it works!

PPC is actually a form of search engine marketing that uses non-intrusive methods to help users with their queries, providing helpful and relevant results. The attitude changes when the content provides useful information instead of an interruption!

Google Ads can shoot you to the top of search results

Google Ads can help you get the best results from your search engine by giving priority to what it regards as high-quality ads. They do this with two things: bid amount and ad quality, which are both factors in how relevant an advertisement will be towards a particular query or destination before being shown on screen – so if there’s something nearby that might interest you then Google thinks highly enough about its own service!

How much do these ads cost?

What do google ads cost? Well, The cost of Google Ads depends on a number of factors. Perhaps most important though is the amount of competition in the area for your industry. More competitive keywords cost more because more people want them. It’s simple Supply and demand, firsthand. But what about if you don’t have as much to spend on ads as Adidas or Amazon?

Well, the more you spend (Generally) the more you get. So that means you don’t need to spend the earth to see results. If you’re looking to run Google Ads, for the first time, you want to start with a decent budget. We recommend a minimum of 500-600 a month for smaller business ad spend. But it’s important to understand that a well-managed campaign generally returns an ROI that scales with the investment.

For management fees, you should expect to pay anywhere from 500-1000 + GST per month. That’s on top of the ad spend. Something else to note is that Google also charges GST in New Zealand, so this means you can also claim that back too. Whilst there are no guarantees in digital marketing. If check all the boxes and you’ll see a healthy return on your investment.

Google Ads has several ways to maximise your budget usage and can use different payment models depending on what’s important to you. If you want people to click on your ad, for instance, a pay-per-click model is great for that. Other options include pay-per-conversion, impression, and more.  The ads platform also generates reports so that we can make slight adjustments to improve performance, making it one of the best tools around for outreach and lead generation.

Get your Google Ads managed by a certified professional

You may be asking “Can I manage Google Ads myself?” Well, the short answer is sure. But would you service your own car or change and rotate your own tyres? Whether you’re a small business or an enterprise-level company, having your campaigns managed by certified professionals will help get better results.

We have an experienced team that can manage the account and make changes to optimize performance for maximum impact on campaign cost effectiveness! The platform has dozens of settings that might be affecting what kind of ads work best and the price – but thankfully we’re experts in this area too so we make sure your ads are optimized within our Google Ads Management fees.


Are your Google Ads Adding Customers or Costs?

Google Ads is the simplest and most effective way to get your website at the top of Google fast. While we always recommend following Search Engine Optimisation best practices, those take time and resources to take effect and get your site ranking naturally on Google. But when you need to get to Page 1 fast, Google Ads is your best resource.

Since you already have a Google Ads account, you’re already several steps ahead of many businesses out there. But are your Google Ads adding customers or just more costs?

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