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Are you on the hunt for more customers? More Sales? or just that ‘old chestnut’ brand awareness? Well, you’ve clicked the right link and you’ve come to the right place. Realising success with Google Ads is about more than Google Ads Pricing. Google Ads are an investment, and if done well can return a lot more than what you’ll spend.

Google Ads is a super effective way to drive traffic (visitors) to your website. But it’s not just about Google Ads Pricing. You also need to make sure you website is designed to convert those visitors into leads or customers.

Fortunately for you, at Back9 we take a wholistic approach to digital marketing and Sales. It’s not just about getting click-throughs. You need to see results.

Set & Forget

Google Ads Starter Campaign

From $69 + GST

If you want to dip your toes in the Google ads water, this package may be for you.

One-off Set up of 2 Google Ad campaigns. Basic Optimisation of Campaigns | Monthly Automated Reporting | *Excludes Ad Spend


Basic Google Ads Campaign

From $199 p/month

Keyword Research. | Competitor Analysis. | Cost per keyword Analysis. | Set up Google Search Campaigns. | Design and Build landing pages | Set up Google Tag Manager Events to measure effectiveness | Monthly Optimisation of Campaigns | Monthly Reporting | Quarterly Meeting | *Excludes Ad Spend

Search and Grow

Search and Display ads

From $399 p/month

Keyword Research. | Competitor Analysis | Cost per keyword Analysis. | Set up Google Search Campaigns. | Design and Build landing pages | Set up Google Display Campaigns. | Design Various Display Ads | Set up YouTube advertising. | Set up Google Tag Manager Events to measure effectiveness. | Monthly Optimisation of Campaigns | Monthly Reporting. | Quarterly Meeting | *Excludes Ad Spend

The works

Search, Display and Shopping Ads

From $599 p/month

Keyword Research. | Competitor Analysis | Cost per keyword Analysis. | Set up Google Search Campaigns | Design and Build landing pages. | Set up Google Display Campaigns | Design Various Display Ads. | Set up Youtube Advertising. | Set up Google Shopping Campaigns | Set up Google Merchant Centre. | Connect Website products to Merchant Centre feed. | Set up Google Tag Manager Events to measure effectiveness | Monthly Optimisation of Campaigns | Monthly Reporting | Quarterly Meeting | *Excludes Ad Spend

Prices listed exclude GST and are billed monthly, based on a minimum 6-month discounted contract which includes setup fees.

Non-fixed terms are available at full rates but subsequently may incur additional setup costs.

Youtube and display ads are based on content (i.e. video/images) being supplied. An additional quote can be provided for this.

Google Search Ads
Search Ads may sound like something out of a sci-fi movie, but they're actually quite ordinary. In fact, Google Search Ads are quite extraordinary in terms of the massive amount of power they have over businesses looking to get more eyes on their products or services. Google Search Ads work by targeting specific groups of people using Google search data. Based on their search queries and web history, Google will match those people with relevant ads from the businesses that use Google Ads. What’s even better is that Google allows advertisers to set personalized budgets for their ads depending on what kind of results they want to see, helping companies get the most out of Google Search Ads for their particular marketing goals.
Google Display Ads
Display Ads revolutionised the way businesses advertise their products. They are a modern and cost-effective way for companies to spread awareness about their product or services and to reach potential customers innovatively. Google Display Ads work by targeting people with relevant advertisements - a process known as contextual targeting. Google will place your advertisement on Google Search, Google websites, and partners websites in order to get you maximum website visibility. Your Google Display Ad is also optimized constantly so that it reaches the right audience at the right time, providing them with useful information they can relate to. So, if you want to turn your business into a success story, Google Display Ads are most definitely worth investing in!
Google Shopping Ads
Shopping Ads can be thought of as the ultimate retail therapist. Google's Display Network allows users to submit product data, like pricing and images, and Google will create online advertisements to promote those products in Google search results. You know that warm, fuzzy feeling you get when Google presents you with exactly what you've been searching for? Google Shopping Ads turns that feeling up to eleven! Google creates a shopping ad based on your search information, presenting a single image with detailed product information - including price - which can be clicked through to complete the purchase. Think of it as a carefully formulated mixture of Google's algorithmic magic and digital retailing delightfulness!
CPC (Cost Per Click)
CPC, often referred to as "cost per click", is a popular billing system used in many internet ad campaigns. CPC works like this: advertisers pay only when someone clicks on an ad they have placed on a website. This means that CPC advertisers are only paying for the actual leads generated– instead of just having their message broadcasted to the entire audience regardless of whether it results in any leads at all. CPC can be a great way to target potential customers and to ensure optimal ROI (return on investment). CPC helps companies make decisions about how much money to invest in their advertising, knowing that there will only be a charge whenever someone is engaged enough with an ad that they actually make it all the way through to clicking it.
Page Quality Score
Trying to understand Page Quality Score (PQS) felt like trying to put together a giant jigsaw puzzle with Google's algorithm. But luckily for you, we know how it all works. Essentially, PQS calculates the overall quality and value of a webpage based on factors like page speeds and content relevancy — it could make or break your site’s ranking on search engine results pages. The higher the Page Quality Score, the more likely your website will appear first when someone searches for something relevant. It all seems so obvious right?!
Conversion Paths
Have you ever wondered how somebody clicked on your ad and then navigated through your site to buy your product or service? That's conversion in action! Conversion paths from Google Ads are the individual steps that a user takes from clicking on an advertisement to either a conversion page or an action that you consider valuable. By tracking conversion paths, marketers can more accurately identify weaknesses in their campaigns, pinpoint areas of strength and tailor their ads towards those who are taking conversion paths. Now, who knew conversion could be so easy?

Keen to discuss other options?

These are standard packages above, however can be customised to suit your needs. We recommend a 12 month Content plan and monthly content package to really see the best results online! If you’re unsure about what you may need, a Digital Marketing Roadmap is always a great place to start, or please feel free to book a complimentary exploratory meeting below.