Google Shopping Ads: How do they work?

Google Shopping Ads: How do they work?


Google Shopping ads are a really effective way that online retailers can connect with potential customers and generate more sales. In fact if done well, they will yield exponential returns. But what exactly are Google shopping ads, and how do they work? In this article, we’ll discuss what Google shopping ads are. And how you can use them to promote your products or services.

What Are Google Shopping Ads?

Much like Google Ads – the search version, Google shopping ads are a form of pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. PPC ads allow retailers to promote their products or services through a variety of channels. These ads appear when users search for keywords related to the product or service being advertised. When someone clicks on the ad, they are taken directly to the merchant’s website where they can purchase the item.

It’s a great way for businesses to get their products in front of potential customers quickly and efficiently.

How Do Google Shopping Ads Work?

Google shopping ads work by allowing e-commerce businesses (or merchants) to ‘bid; on certain keywords related to their products or services. Whenever someone searches for these keywords, the merchant’s ad will be displayed alongside other results from similar businesses. There are a range of ways to get your ads to show over another’s. But generally the higher an advertiser’s bid is, the more likely it is that their ad will appear at the top of search results pages. Advertisers also have the option of targeting specific demographics or locations. This then helps make sure their ad reaches those who are most likely to buy their product or service.

The Benefits of Using Shopping Ads

Google shopping ads offer many advantages for businesses looking to increase their sales and reach new customers. These include increased visibility for your brand, improved click rates due to targeted campaigns, and a lower cost per click than traditional PPC campaigns. Additionally, as more people search for items using voice assistants like Alexa or Siri, these types of ads become even more valuable as they allow merchants to tap into this growing market segment easily and quickly.

Do These Ads Really Work?

The short answer is hell yeah they do… Of course, you need to be advertising or selling a product that people want. And at a price, consumers are prepared to pay. That means you do need to be competitive to see success with Google shopping ads. This is because your product will show alongside your competitors, so if you’re selling a pair of socks for 6.90 and your competitor has the exact same pair for 5.40, then chances are, it will be their ad that will get clicked over yours. We have clients running google shopping ads as you read this who are returning anywhere from 600-800% return on their ad spend each month! Yes, you read that right – 600 – 800% R.O.A.S. That means if you spend $3000 on ads, it will result in $18,000 – $24,000 in sales each month.

How do you get started?

Google Shopping ads can essentially be set up by anyone with a bit of tech nouse. However, we highly recommend getting a certified Google ads Expert to help with this, We have seen several clients over the years falter in the setup, and it can end up being quite costly. The better the set up the faster we can get the account optimised and running smoothly. And that (generally) in turn means faster (and better) results. If you’re keen to have a chat about the options please feel free to give us a call or email or book a time to meet.


Google shopping ads offer so many benefits for businesses looking to increase their online visibility and boots sales numbers quickly and easily. With targeted campaigns and competitive bids, using all the google channels for ads, (Search, Display, Shopping, and Remarketing) you will get your products seen by potential customers quickly. And all while potentially keeping costs low. Well as low as possible… You will still have to outlay some decent cash. But you need to understand Google Ads are an investment. And not a cost like radio or newspaper advertising, This is because they are highly measurable. So if you’re looking for an effective way to reach more customers online, consider giving us a call, and let’s give Google shopping ads a try!