SharpSpring vs Infusionsoft (by Keap) Which is best for you?

SharpSpring vs Infusionsoft (by Keap) Which is best for you?

When it comes to marketing automation software, there are a lot of options out there. But two of the top contenders are SharpSpring and Infusionsoft (by Keap). Both offer powerful features that can help businesses streamline their marketing efforts. But which one is right for your business?

Let’s take a wee look at both SharpSpring and Infusionsoft (by Keap) to compare pricing and features.

Pricing Plans

SharpSpring offers four different plans, ranging from the Basic plan at $450/month to the Enterprise plan at $1,500/month. The Basic plan includes up to 5,000 contacts while the Enterprise plan includes up to 500,000 contacts. All plans include unlimited users, email campaigns, landing pages, forms, automation rules, tracking pixels, and more.

Infusionsoft also offers four plans ranging from the Growth plan at $99/month to the Max Classic plan at $379/month. The Growth plan includes up to 500 contacts while the Max Classic plan includes up to 25,000 contacts. All plans include unlimited users and access to email campaigns, custom forms and landing pages as well as basic automation rules.

SharpSpring vs Infusionsoft Features

SharpSpring offers a wide range of features including email campaigns, lead scoring & grading tools as well as social media monitoring & listening tools. It also offers an in-depth analytics suite that allows you to track leads by source or campaign and even monitor customer engagement with emails or other content pieces. Additionally, it has dynamic content capabilities that allow you to create personalised messages for each recipient based on their interests or past interactions with your brand.

Infusionsoft (by Keap) also provides many powerful features such as lead capture forms and automated workflows for sales follow-up sequences or other marketing activities. It also has advanced reporting capabilities so you can track leads by source or campaign as well as measure ROI on various marketing activities. Additionally, it offers e-commerce integrations so you can track purchases made directly through your website or other online stores like Shopify or Amazon Webstore.


When it comes down to choosing between SharpSpring vs Infusionsoft (by Keap), it really depends on your business needs and budget constraints. Both offer powerful features but SharpSpring may be better suited for larger businesses due its higher contact limits per plan tier while Infusionsoft (by Keap) may be better for smaller businesses due its lower pricing options per tier contact limit. Ultimately though, only you know what will work best for your business so do some research before making any decisions!