Hi, I'm Phil!

Managing partner, the man with the plan, husband, father, mediocre golfer, mountain biker & hardcore RATM (and music in general) fan.

Phil thinks big! He founded Back9 (part-time) back in 2008 and launched it with no holds barred in July 2013. Since then he hasn’t looked back. He hasn’t had time to!

The idea was (and still is) to create an all-encompassing design and marketing agency that could not only deliver great design and marketing solutions to fellow ambitious local businesses but create an environment that creatives want to be a part of too.

As Jon Bon Jovi once said (or should we say, sung) “Woooaah we’re halfway there” and once the all-important goal is achieved, Phil guesses the next logical step will be, well… World domination… Muaaahwahwah!

Quick Fire
I am inspired by:
Nature, music, art, history and the good in people.
My favourite food is:
Pizza! / Nana B’s Chicken Casserole
One thing you cannot live without:
Hope. (corny aye..?)
The theme song/soundtrack for my life is:
“How you ever gonna know?” - Garth Brooks
Words you live by:
Excellence is never an accident / You can’t change what has happened, only learn from it.
Pet Peeve
Flies! And Sam Ovens!!!
Anyone who knows me knows that...
I’m not as good at golf as my 11 yr old daughter.
The best part of my job:
Being able to help local businesses grow better!
The thing I am most proud of:
Starting Back9 from nothing, and still being here to tell the tale.