How to prepare to be on video

How to prepare to be on video

At Back9 we love helping local businesses tell their stories through the power of video. However, the majority of them have never even filmed themselves to post on their website or social media; let alone being a part of professional video production. The idea of creating high-quality video always goes down a treat right up until the realisation kicks in that they will have to be the ones standing in front of the camera. So how can you prepare to be on video?

Whether you are going to be delivering a scripted message, an unscripted interview-style video, giving a testimonial, or even a product demonstration, you want to be prepared. I am going to run you through some helpful tips that will help make you a movie star in front of the camera.


Tips to prepare to be on video

A few things you can do to prepare to be on video are smile for the camera, think about your message, have a straight back, talk with your hands, and wear the right outfit.

Smile for the camera

A great way to begin every video is to be smiling before you even start talking. Quite often people don’t smile nearly as much as they think they do. It will show your viewer that you are excited and enjoy talking to them.

Smiling throughout the video is actually quite a tricky one to remember once the camera starts rolling. But it does make such a huge difference in the final video. Another pro tip is to always end the video with a smile, as this is going to be the last frame that the viewer will see of you. And you want them to remember that beautiful smile.


Think about what message you want to say

Even if you are making a video that is not scripted, you still want to think about what you will be saying in the video. If it is going to be an interview-style video, check if you can look at the questions beforehand so that you can prepare your answer to sound the way that you intend. If the video is going to be scripted, then make sure that you are happy with the script. You can even read it out loud or practice in a mirror. Sometimes things that sound good in writing can sound strange when you say them out loud. Make sure that you can say everything confidently, and refine the script if it isn’t what you want to say.


Straight back

Whether you’re sitting or standing, it is super important to make sure that you have good posture. It’s like being back at school again I know, but no one wants to look slouchy or frumpy in their video. If you’re sitting on a chair, try to make sure your back is not touching the chair, or sinking back into the couch. It might not feel like the most comfortable way to sit, but it will show your viewer that you are interested, engaged and will help you bring more energy to your video.


Talk with your hands

Quite often, people that I have filmed will comment to me that they move their hands too much when they talk. Funnily enough, the opposite is true. You need to move your hands more. Gestures with your hands are such a powerful communication tool that will help engage your audience and bring energy and passion that would otherwise be lost if you stood with your arms pinned to your side like a robot.

Not sure what to do with my hands

What to wear

These are few tips for dress code but remember, these are not rules.

  • Try to avoid clothes with patterns & plain white
  • Choose comfortable clothes that make you feel like a boss
  • Avoid any dangling/loud jewellery or accessories as they can often be picked up by the microphone.
  • Bring a spare set of clothes that are the opposite colour/tone. If the shooting locations changes to a nice green garden, and you have your favourite green dress on, you could get lost in the background. It also doubles as a backup set of clothes if the unthinkable happens like spilling a coffee on your camera-ready outfit right before the shoot.
  • Check out more clothing tips here.


Remember, it’s all about the viewer

This is a big one. At the end of the day, the video is not being made so that you can watch it back and judge how you look or sound on camera. You’re making the video to share your message with your audience. They will never know how out of your comfort zone you felt making it. If you deliver your message clearly with passion and enthusiasm that engages your viewer, then job well done!


Of course, the more you’re on camera, the more confident you’ll be. The first step is to do it. Then do it once more. If you need some pointers or a professional video filmed, we’re happy to help here at Back9. We’ll help you get comfortable and help you deliver a memorable performance. You’ll get support every step of the way, and we’ve found many people are impressed with how they end up on camera! Get in touch today to learn more about how videography can help you.

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