Why is video marketing so powerful? [VIDEO]

Why is video marketing so powerful? [VIDEO]

No matter how you look at it, video marketing is powerful. Videos are the way to get noticed on the internet. Tiktok has video views in the billions. Baby Shark Dance has over  9 billion views right now… And the total population of the entire world is under 8 billion. People are choosing video over any other form of content, and it’s not a close race. Videos are easily the most engaging form of content, whether they are on your website, Social media or YouTube in the form of a Vlog.

Wikipedia, currently sitting at the 5th most visited site, gets a few billion visitors a month. However, according to their own report, the most viewed article of all time is for Donald Trump with about 225 million views. That means the most popular video has nearly 40x as many views as the most read article.

So videos are popular. But why is video marketing so powerful? And how can you take advantage of it?

Why are videos so popular?

There are a lot of reasons why videos are popular. Some of these include:

  • Instructions are easier to follow. Even the best writers can be challenged by writing clear instructions or how-to’s. The more complex the procedure, the more difficult it is to explain with words alone. Watching someone disassemble an All-in-One computer to upgrade the RAM is more straightforward than seeing which screws to take out through text.
  • They can play in the background. While videos are the most engaging kind of media, they can also be consumed without much attention. You can play a video in the background while you do something else like chores or cooking dinner. Reading and looking at images require more attention, whereas with videos you can put your phone on the bench and check in periodically to see what’s happening.
  • Videos have a greater potential for communication. The 7-38-55 Rule claims that 7% of a message is the words themselves, 38% is how they’re said, and 55 percent is visual. Video opens up the potential to see some of these visual cues which help many people to understand the message better.
  • Easier to showcase product demonstrations. Seeing a product or service in action is much easier through video. There’s nothing like seeing something in action. In fact, at least 4 times as many people prefer to see a video of a product than read about it. If you want to show off the features and benefits of a new product, show it doing its job!
  • They’re attention-grabbing. Getting someone’s attention can be tough these days with all of the distractions around. So how do you stand out from the noise? Make your own! Well, sort of. Videos grab attention more than text or images. If a person sees something they like in the early portions they might stick around and focus and see what you have to say.


Does video marketing really work?

There’s no disputing that the general public likes videos. But do they work for marketing? Video marketing is powerful–if you follow a few basic guidelines.

Invest in some equipment

A good quality camera can make a massive difference in how you’re perceived. Fortunately, most mid-range smartphones and above have a decent camera built-in. Don’t have a camera or one of these smartphones? If you want to do video, you might need to invest in equipment first. A poor quality video can actually hurt you more than help, so be careful!

The more you learn about video, the more you’ll find out about different equipment that can make it easier. Mirrorless cameras. Stabilizing gimbals. Portable backdrops and green screens. Studio lighting. Good microphones. There’s always more you can get, but unless you plan on filming all the time, a professional videographer will probably save you time and money in the long run. And you don’t have to learn complicated editing software!

Practice for the camera

There are a few things you can do to get ready to be on camera. Even if you feel uncomfortable at first, practice can help! If you’re a small business owner, it’s good to literally be the face of the business if you have time. Your company will get a credibility boost because the information came straight from the source.

Develop a content plan

Keeping track of everything you plan to post is challenging. Making a content plan can make this significantly easier. It’s true that videography is powerful. But it’s much more effective when the videos are part of a bigger picture. By planning what you want to create in advance, you can save the trouble of on-the-spot thinking and coming up with a blank. Planning ahead of time can also help you to keep on-brand and keep your messaging consistent.

Unscripted vs scripted and edited

Big-name brands like to keep things close to the chest when it comes to video. You won’t see many corporations with spontaneous videos of the CEO going to golf on their off days. So if large, successful companies don’t use them, does that mean they’re off-limits?

No, not at all.

Larger companies have a complex and formalised process for videos and using social media. Everything has to stick to strict brand guidelines. It’s not uncommon for a single post to take them a couple of hours or longer. For a smaller business, you probably don’t need to be as critical.

In fact, in some cases, unscripted videos can be more effective. Unscripted videos tend to sound more natural. But they can also go off course and it’s far easier to get lost with what you were going to say. We recommend doing a combination of unscripted, spontaneous, and scripted videos, as each have their own strengths and weaknesses.

Use a professional for core videos

A professionally edited promo video can show off what your business can do from a professional standpoint. If possible, we recommend getting at least one professionally made video for your business. Although smartphone cameras in high-end phones can rival some standalone cameras, professionals do much more than have a quality device. They know how to use it too. This includes lighting, staging, prompting actors, and of course filming it just right. Many professional videographers work as editors too, so can film and edit your video with your vision in mind.

Should I only do video then?

No, having written content is still good for a few reasons. While videography might be preferred by most people, there is still a good portion of people who prefer reading. And text explanations can still be better for more in-depth or complicated topics or when a specific piece of information needs to be referenced quickly. Have you ever watched a long video and wanted to find something specific and had trouble finding it? If it was written, Ctrl+F can find your phrase fast, plus you have the option to skim quickly.

Images also still have their place. Professional photography can get everything poised perfectly in a way that video can’t. Getting one frame perfect is an easier job than hundreds!

When possible, combining video and other media forms tends to work best. A video or image is excellent for covering any visual information. Then the written section can go more in-depth about the specifics. That way, anyone who comes across your content can choose their preferred method.

Video for marketing

Video marketing is one of the most powerful modern tools, and one you should absolutely be using as part of your marketing. Since videos are the most engaging form of content, you’re missing out if you aren’t using it for your business – whether you’re explaining your services or using a drone for real estate promotion. While it can take some investment in equipment and a little bit of practice to find your video style, it’s worth it in the long run. Combined with a content strategy to get your video out to the right people, you’re sure to find new or better leads for your company.

And if you’d like some help getting started, the team at Back9 can help. Our creative team can help you come up with ideas for video and even do the filming and editing for you. Get in touch with us today to find out more!