Pay-to-Play: Does Spending Money on Google Ads Help Your Organic Search Rankings?

Pay-to-Play: Does Spending Money on Google Ads Help Your Organic Search Rankings?

Everyone knows the old adage “you have to spend money to make money.” But does that apply to organic search rankings, too? If you want to get more traffic to your website and increase your visibility, should you invest in paid advertising? Let’s explore the relationship between paying for Google ads and boosting organic search rankings

Organic Search Rankings vs Paid Ads on Google

First of all, it’s important to understand the distinction between SEO and SEM. As a rule, Organic search = Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), and paid advertising on Google = Search Engine Marketing (SEM). Organic search rankings are a measure of how relevant your content is according to a set of algorithms known as Google’s algorithm. In other words, if you have quality content that matches what someone is searching for, then you will rank higher organically. On the other hand, ads are used as a way to pay for visibility on the SERPs. That means how relevant or useful your content is, may in fact be less, in comparison with other websites. Paid ads are big business though. And the global PPC Stats speak for themself

The Relationship Between Ads and Organic Search Rankings

So, in terms of Organic Search vs Paid Ads, does spending money on ads help boost organic search rankings? The short answer is no—spending money on ads has no direct impact on organic search rankings. However, there may be some indirect effects that can occur when investing in paid advertising campaigns. For example, if someone clicks on an ad leading them to your website and then continues browsing without clicking away from your site right away, this could indicate a positive user experience which may improve the quality score of your website. Thus helping its chances of ranking higher organically.

Additionally, some companies use remarketing or retargeting campaigns which can further reinforce positive experiences with customers who have already interacted with their brand or products before. This type of campaign could potentially lead people back to a website multiple times. And therefore increase its relevance score even further than just one click from an ad would do alone.



In conclusion, paying for Google ads will not directly improve your chances of achieving better organic search rankings. However, there may be some indirect benefits that come from investing in paid advertising campaigns such as increased customer engagement and improved relevance scores due to positive user experiences with a website. So while it’s impossible to definitively say whether or not investing in paid Google ads will benefit your business in terms of increasing visibility through better organic search results, it certainly can’t hurt! Business owners should consider carefully evaluating the potential benefits versus costs associated with any online marketing decisions they make before committing funds towards those efforts. Ultimately only time will tell whether or not those investments pay off!