Dakshina Seasonings

Malcolm and Suhasini came to us with a logo and wanted a website to sell their authentic Indian spice mixes – Dakshina Seasonings – out to a wider audience. But building the website was only the first step; they needed to let people know it existed.

Suhasini and Malcolm were already regulars at local bazaars and markets. We knew professional videos showing how easy it is to make their signature dishes would help convince people who hadn’t met them to give them a shot–and once they tasted how good the food was, they’d be hooked!

We planned, filmed, edited, and delivered these videos through targeted Facebook Ads directing to their new website, where we helped show their products to a specific audience of people who might be interested. Since then, sales have been on the rise and they have a number of regular buyers through the website, with more to come!

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