Dakshina Seasonings Website.

Dakshina Seasonings wanted a way to share their authentic seasonings, so we created an e-commerce website for them.

Dakshina is a small family business located in the south of New Zealand. Malcolm & Suhasini started experimenting with spices and seasonings in 2001. Over the past few years, Suhasini has experimented with ingredients sourced locally and has developed seasonings and curry mixes that her family and friends enjoy. Suhasini wanted to share these flavours with more people and Dakshina was born.

It seemed the next step for Dakshina was to share their seasonings and spices with the wider community whilst also making it easier for people to order and pay. Malcolm approached us about this and getting their website up and running. Then, our team went straight to work!

From there we had Tanya custom design the website for look and feel and functionality. John then custom developed the website around Opencart, and opensource dedicated e-commerce platform, while Dallen did blogs and content. To make things as easy as possible for Malcolm & Suhasini going forward, we used Stripe as the payment gateway for them to receive payments online. We also added functionality for limited time offers and specials.


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