The Thrilling Tale of Conservative Cutters vs. The Unstoppable Marketing Mavericks

The Thrilling Tale of Conservative Cutters vs. The Unstoppable Marketing Mavericks

Once upon a time in the kingdom of Commerce, there were two types of businesses… Firstly there was the daring marketing mavericks who embraced the digital frontier. And Secondly, the conservative cutters who decided to tighten their belts and trim the marketing fat. Fast forward to the end of the year, and the tale of their fortunes unfolds.

The Conservative Cutters’ Chronicles

Picture this – conservative businesses, armed with scissors, meticulously snipping away at their marketing budgets.

They believed they were on the path to financial prudence. Oh, how noble it sounded! But little did they know, they were stepping into a perilous territory, a place where the echo of their marketing efforts grew fainter and fainter.

As the months passed, these conservative cutters found themselves in a quagmire. Their sales plateaued, their reach dwindled, and they were left scratching their heads, wondering where they went wrong. In the quest for financial efficiency, they inadvertently shackled their own growth.

The Saga of the Unstoppable Marketing Mavericks who Invest in Marketing

Now, let’s turn our attention to the brave souls who marched to the beat of a different marketing drum – the unstoppable marketing mavericks. They recognised that in the digital age, visibility is key. So, while the conservative cutters were busy counting their saved pennies, these mavericks were investing in a different currency: the power of digital marketing.

Some of our esteemed clients at Back9 Creative were among these marketing mavericks. Instead of clutching their wallets with fear, they opened their minds to the possibilities of growth. Month after month, year after year, their sales charts resembled a roller coaster on steroids – a thrilling ascent to success that left their conservative counterparts green with envy.

Below is a rollercoaster chart for one of the clients aka Marketing Mavericks who invest in Marketing.

Safety 1st NZ graph of sales increase for ecommerce website by back9 creative

The Moral of Our Whirlwind Tale

Ladies and gentlemen, gather ’round for the grand revelation – digital marketing and a stellar website are not foes to your budget; they’re your trusty steeds on the journey to success. In an era where attention spans are shorter than a goldfish’s memory, you can’t afford to fade into the background.

Remember the conservative cutters and the marketing mavericks. One side chose the road of austerity, while the other embraced the winds of change. The moral is crystal clear! In the kingdom of Commerce, those who invest wisely in digital marketing and a killer growth-driven website are the ones who ride the wave of success, while the others get washed ashore, wondering where their customers went.

So, dear business leaders, the choice is yours. Will you be the conservative cutter, counting your pennies but losing your customers? Or will you be the unstoppable marketing maverick, riding the digital tide to glory? The tale has been told, and the lesson is clear – invest [wisely], don’t divest, for in marketing, fortune favours the bold. And that is also why you Don’t Turn off Your Marketing Engine When the Economy Cools Down.