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Hopsession Brewing

The creation of Hopsession was not just about brewing beer; it was about bringing a vision to life. Nathan’s endeavour represents his personal journey to create the beer he wanted to drink, and in doing so, he has contributed to the evolving beer culture in Invercargill.

His pursuit of a simple yet distinctive brand identity for Hopsession echoes his philosophy of brewing – crafting beers that are uncomplicated in their appeal, yet rich and diverse in their flavours.


Brand Identity
Conceptual Design

HopSession mockup on teeshirt

Hopsession Brewing Backstory


Nathan McKenzie, a passionate brewer and a beer enthusiast, initially began his journey into brewing out of necessity. He was living in Invercargill a city known for its natural beauty but not particularly for its craft beers. His love for unique and characterful brews was left unsatisfied by the local offerings. So, he decided to take matters into his own hands – this was the inception of Hopsession Brewing.

Hopsession Brewing was born from a desire to fill a gap in the local market. And to cater to those who, like Nathan, were seeking something more from their beer. It was not just about creating a new brand, but about pioneering a new beer culture in Invercargill that celebrated diversity in flavor profiles and brewing methods.

Hopession logo on fluid background Hopsession Hatchs Hill Hazy Bar Tap Badge

The Importance of a Strong Brand

As he embarked on this venture, Nathan understood the importance of having a strong, recognisable brand. He wanted Hopsession to be synonymous with quality, simplicity, and authenticity. To that end, he sought to create a clean and uncomplicated logo that would capture the essence of Hopsession Brewing. He envisioned a logotype that would not only be unique but also easily identifiable – a visual representation that would effectively communicate the brand’s identity. And its commitment to delivering exceptional craft beers.

Hopsession Brewing Business Cards hopsession brewing glass being filled with craft beer


Back 9 have been great to deal with from the very first concepts right through to getting the final product. The process has been fun and very professional the whole way through.With back9 help I know hopsession Brewing is going from strength to strength. Thanks so much to back 9 and the team for all their work and support.

Hopsession Brewing
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