How Much Does Facebook Advertising Cost in New Zealand?

How Much Does Facebook Advertising Cost in New Zealand?

At Back9 Creative we understand that Social media has become an inevitable tool for businesses worldwide. With the growing reach of social media platforms, advertising on them has become a crucial aspect of any marketing strategy. Amongst all the social media platforms, Facebook is the most popular and widely used platform for advertising. With its millions of active users, Facebook Marketing can be an absolute goldmine for businesses trying to attract and connect with potential customers. But how much does Facebook advertising cost in New Zealand, and what factors affect the cost? Let’s find out.

Facebook Advertising Costs in NZ can vary a lot

Facebook advertising cost in New Zealand depends on several factors, such as the type of campaign, ad placement, target audience, bidding strategy, and the ad’s creative quality. It is also important to understand the difference between boosting posts and targeted advertising

The budget allocation for Facebook advertising campaigns by businesses depends on their marketing goals and the desired return on investment. Businesses can set daily or lifetime budgets for their campaigns, and Facebook will optimize the ad delivery based on that budget. According to Wordstream’s data on Facebook advertising benchmarks, the average cost per click (CPC) for Facebook ads across all industries is around $2.92 when converted to New Zealand Dollars.

Dont just consider Ad Cost

Apart from the ad cost, hiring an agency to help you set up and manage your Facebook advertising campaigns comes with an additional cost. The agency cost varies based on the level of service you require. But typically agencies will charge based on ad spend bracket. Expect to pay from $199 per month a minimum to $300 + per month for management fees. Some agencies (if they manage the ad spend for you, will put a minimum of 15% on the advertising costs too. So when looking to hire an agency or freelancer, make sure you are aware of this. Ask if you can pay Facebook directly (we believe this is the best way and what we do at Back9 to maintain transparency).

Hiring an agency can help you increase your ROI by ensuring your ads are delivered to the right audience at the right time. Allowing an agency to manage your Facebook advertising campaigns means that you can focus on the core aspects of your business without worrying about managing the ads.

Ad Placement

Ad placement also affects the cost of Facebook advertising in New Zealand. Facebook offers multiple options for ad placement, including desktop, mobile, right column, and audience network. Ads placed on the audience network tend to be less expensive than those placed on social feeds. However, depending on your target audience and the type of campaign, you may want to opt for the more expensive feed placement option to ensure maximum reach.

Target Audience

Targeting the right audience is crucial to the success of your Facebook advertising campaigns. The target audience you choose will affect the cost of your adverts. Facebook allows businesses to target their ads based on several factors such as demographics, interests, behaviours, and location. The more specific your target audience is, the higher the cost will be.

Bidding strategy

Bidding strategy is another factor that affects the cost of Facebook advertising in New Zealand. Facebook allows businesses to bid for ad space based on their advertising budget and marketing goals. There are two types of bidding strategies: cost per click (CPC) and cost per impression (CPM). CPC is the amount businesses pay when a user clicks on their ad, while CPM is the amount they pay per 1000 ad impressions. The bid you set will determine your ads’ visibility and the total cost of your campaign.

Facebook Advertising is Effective!

Facebook advertising costs in New Zealand can be an effective way for businesses to reach their target audience and reach their goals. Like anything of course it depends on how well you plan, design and execute.

As mentioned throughout this article, the cost of advertising on Facebook depends on various factors, including the type of campaign, ad placement, bidding strategy, and target audience. Businesses can set their budget for their Facebook campaigns, but it is essential to make sure that the budget is enough to achieve their marketing goals and attract potential customers. Hiring an agency to help manage your Facebook advertising campaigns can also increase your ROI and drive more success to your business.