Customer Relationship Management

No, CRM isn’t the shiny metal everything will be made out of in the year 2050 (Wasn’t it 2000 at some point?) that matches everyone’s one-piece jumpsuit. But just like everything in those old sci-fi depictions seems to be shiny chrome, using a CRM system for your business communications makes your business integrated and matching.

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management and is a piece of software that manages… Well, just about everything when it comes to you and your customers.   While some systems require a small monthly fee, they save an enormous amount of headaches, reduce the potential of misplaced information, and keep extensive records—such as messages employees (should have) send out—so you know who deserves to lose the Blame Game.

What is a CRM?

A CRM is a fantastic way to keep track of information about clients, emails, and data. Any good business has a list of contacts and their relevant information, but a CRM takes that data to the next level.

Think of a CRM as one of those tracking devices from an action movie, a little device that follows customers and their habits. It can track customers you call and whether or not they answered or a voicemail was left. It can track the number of emails an employee sent out, and how many each customer received. And it can even track how long each customer opens their newsletters and which links or buttons they click. So what can we do with all of that juicy, beefy data?

We use detailed data to guide your marketing strategy

While a lot of that data might seem excessive and pointless to many people, we use it to update your marketing strategy. By seeing how your specific clients react to emails, newsletters, and calls, we can focus on what works for your particular clients and tailor your marketing to their preferences. It’s like we know that secret inside joke in an obscure comedy that only people in your customer base will understand, so that they enjoy and even look forward to your messages.

And it gets even better. Once we set you up with the CRM, we can integrate it with your regular email client so you can send emails as usual while we worry about all the tracking and what to do with the information. This means you can keep doing business as usual while we handle the complex software on our end, so you can have the benefits without having to take the time to learn about all the particulars of the new software in detail. While we analyse the information like a high-brow foreign film, you can enjoy the rewards and simpleness of a popcorn flick. Call or stop by today and see it all for yourself!

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