Why you need a plan for social media

Why you need a plan for social media

When is comes to Social media marketing, Are you a regular Facebooker who loves to post about everything? Or are you the sort that made an Instagram account a couple years ago because you were told it’s good for businesses to have one and haven’t posted anything since the first day? No matter your social media prowess, a good content plan can help!

Shouldn’t I be spontaneous on social media though?BACON

Being spontaneous and random is great! BACON! See? When you experience something funny, unplanned, or even tragic, posting about it as soon as possible keeps your audience informed or gives them a good laugh. If you could have something hilarious happen to you every day, that would be amazing, but the plan helps for those days when you don’t toss a hat towards the rack and have it land on your cat’s head.

Regular posting keeps your audience engaged

One of the most important reasons to have regular posting is to build an audience. People will get to know the tone and mood of your brand, and if they like it, they’ll check back regularly to see what you have to say. A regular audience gives you an excellent opportunity to promote new products or limited-time offers and get people buying what you have to sell.

Facebook Advertising helps you reach more people

A plan for social media bridge crossingRegularly posting on social media is great for people who have gotten to know what you’re all about, but how do you reach new people? And when you have a short-term sale or special, how do you make sure people who might be interested can find out? How do you make sure your message gets to the right people?

Facebook advertising is a great way to accomplish just that. Their ad targeting system can be extremely focused. It can be extremely precise like 25-35 year old women in Invercargill who have shown interest in mountain climbing, or quite vague, like everyone on the South Island. This means that you can target exactly who might be interested in your post and get it to show up–just make sure that you have some interesting content to share with them!

What if I don’t know the first thing about “The Facebook”?

If Facebook sounds like a book full of portraits and you don’t know the first place to start, that’s okay! Additionally, there are plenty of online training videos covering the basics, and they’re free. Or if you’d rather, you could pawn it off on someone who enjoys social media marketing like our team here, and we’ll see that you have consistent, regular postings. To learn more about social media marketing, have a look at our article social media advertising service. You can also contact us today for more information or to see what we can do to help.