Back9 Creative: Digital marketing for nonprofits

Back9 Creative: Digital marketing for nonprofits

For organisations within the nonprofit sector, a robust online presence is not just an option—it’s a necessity these days. From fundraising to awareness and even just education, a decent digital markeitng plan can go along way. Enter Back9, leading digital marketing for non-profits for a number of years. With a proven track record, we’ve collaborated with numerous not-for-profits over the years. These include: The Southland Charity Hospital, Mid Dome Wilding Trees Trust, NZ Flying Doctors, Active Hearts Foundation, Great South, and Kepler Challenge, to name a few.

At Back9, we understand the unique challenges nonprofits face. From limited budgets, and funding requirements to the need for widespread community engagement. Furthermore, This awareness drives our commitment to delivering tailored digital marketing for non-profits, and solutions that maximize impact. Our hands-on experience spans a variety of causes, enabling us to craft strategies that resonate with diverse audiences.

Active Hearts Foundation

Best mates Dan and Arjun have led expeditions through the Himalaya since 2011. They wanted to give something back to the communities they live and work in. The Active Hearts Foundation was formed in 2015 to facilitate small community projects. Primarily prioritising positive health and education outcomes for children.

Please watch their documentary below to learn the full story:

Since around 2019, we have helped Dan and the team with their website, with version 2.0 being launched in 2023. We love the impact we can help make by offering websites and digital marketing to nonpro

The Southland Charity Hospital

For organisations like The Southland Charity Hospital, we started with the Brand Identity and the website. From there, we helped implement the Buy a Brick Camapign. As a result his saw over 10,000 engraved bricks being able to be purchased from all over the world. By making this easy to do online via the website it opened them up to global audience. We also launcehd the “Win a Mustang” Campaign, where we ran targeted social media campaigns to sell tickets to a raffle. The main prize was a brand new Ford Mustang, from Regional Ford in Gore. The campaigns not only raised awareness but also garnered vital support. Our approach has helped the hospital process close to 2.5 million dollars (at the time of publising this article) though the website alone.

Mid-Dome Wilding Trees Trust

Whilst the Charity Hospital has been an ongoing project over time, the Mid-Dome Wilding Trees Trust in contrast was a one-off website. They required a simple informative website which has stood the test of time..

New Zealand Flying Doctors

ave you heard of The New Zealand Flying Doctors?

They’re an incredible bunch of people who fly hundreds of missions every year, often going unrecognised for the lives they save. We were lucky enough to build them a custom website, thanks to the amazing work they’ve done transporting patients like Blair Vining and even one of our own team member’s fathers. We always feel humbled working with inspiring people who make such a difference in the world. These heroes may not wear capes, but they definitely know how to fly! Check out the website we created for them and consider donating – every little bit helps. Let’s give these superheroes the recognition they deserve!

Great South

Great South, Southland’s regional development agency, formerly Venture Southland has used our services on a number of occasions over the years. From Custom graphics for the UCI junior world champs back in 2012, to design for the Southern Scenic Route brochures and website to the rebrand of the ILT Kidzone festival. In more recent times we have offered them custom websites for Beyond 2025, and Around th Mountains Cycle Trail. In addition, we designed, built and have maintained the Burt Munro Challenge website since 2014.


Digital Marketing for Non Profits

Back9 stands out not just for what we do, but for how we do it. Our proactive, client-centered approach emphasises collaboration and communication, guaranteeing that our strategies align with the unique goals and values of each nonprofit partner.

In summary, if you’re seeking digital marketing for non-profits that values active engagement, impactful communication, and measurable results, look no further than Back9. Join the ranks of successful organizations making a lasting difference with our tailored digital solutions. Together, let’s amplify your impact in the digital age.