Finding the best Queenstown SEO Company

Finding the best Queenstown SEO Company

As we discuss in our article, who is the best SEO agency in NZ, narrowing down the best business in any industry can be tricky. This is especially hard when it comes to all things digital. SEO or Search Engine Optimisation in itself is complicated enough as it is!

So when it comes to SEO in Queenstown, how do you find the best fit for your business? How much does SEO cost? Will I even see results from SEO? The questions go on… The most important factor for one person may not matter to another, and vice versa. Understanding what is SEO all about, is important, but you need to understand, there are so many things to factor in.  Also, you need to understand the difference between organic SEO and paid search! One aspect can stand out among the rest for you and something else for your neighbour. So how do we define who is the best SEO agency for you?


Who are the best-ranking SEO providers in Queenstown?

Which company will be the best for you depends on your needs and circumstances. What’s your criteria for partnering with an SEO agency or freelancer? What do you want them to do for you? What results do you hope to achieve?

One of the most important parts of teaming up with a company is working with people who believe what you believe! You can usually feel that in your gut. And from my experience, I would say trust your instinct! The reality is if you’re providing SEO services, then you should be able to get your own website ranking pretty well on Google. However, it’s easy in an online world to bend the truth or manipulate Google’s Search Engine Results Pages (or SERP). But the good news is, it’s getting increasingly harder to do. Consumers want trust from their providers, whether that be from their mechanic, their power company, or their website design team.

At the time of writing this, (bearing in mind staying at the top of the search results or SERP, is tough at the best of times) here are six of the highest-ranking SEO agencies for the search phrase: best SEO in Queenstown?



BWG is a full-service digital agency based in Takapuna, Auckland. They are Google certified and their mission is to grow New Zealand SME’s and create jobs. They believe the primary difference between them and other agencies is the ratio of production staff to sales staff. Their sales staff are also competent in production. This is why they believe their campaigns deliver higher than average results.

They use Photoshop, HTML, and WordPress CMS for all design and development work. BWG also offer a full digital marketing suite, including Google Ads, Search Engine Optimisation, Social Media, and more.

The search term best SEO Southland, returns a decent ranking for BWG, albeit for a landing page for Napier. If you’re not opposed to dealing with someone outside of Southland, then these guys are possibly at least worth having a discussion with.

Lakeside Digital

Lakeside Digital ranks well for the search term, Best Queenstown SEO agency. Run by Conor Doyle, Lakeside Digital is a boutique SEO agency based out of Wanaka, NZ.

He has been working in the digital marketing & SEO industry for over 5 years in Australia and recently migrated to the beautiful Otago region. With him, he believes he has brought a seasoned and proven approach to SEO that has seen hundreds of small businesses and larger companies succeed in their respective markets.

Over the years he’s seen the flaws of the traditional SEO agency up close. Usually, the process begins and ends in the sales pitch. The person who sold you their ‘big idea’ was just another rung on the agency ladder and your actual strategy is handed down to a junior SEO with no idea about your business.

Sky Media

According to their website, Sky Media is one of New Zealand’s fastest-growing digital marketing agencies, due to owner and director Corey Reid’s forward-thinking leadership.

Sky Media’s Digital Marketing Team’s constantly up-skilling to achieve the highest industry standards in the ever-changing world of digital strategy. HQ’d in Timaru, they have representatives in a few locations around New Zealand and Australia. These locations include Auckland, Christchurch, and even Sydney. And they appear to have their marketing manager based in Queenstown. Their Website has a friendly down-to-earth tone and a lot of decent content. And they rank fairly well on google for the best Queenstown SEO agency, so they are worth contacting to discuss your options for sure.


Firebrand has recently snuck onto the first page of google for the search “Best SEO Queenstown”. Dunedin-based Firebrand is a Digital transformation Agency.

They refer to themselves as: Masters of the Digital Universe

They are a full-service marketing and digital transformation agency, based at our awesome premises in Dunedin, New Zealand.

Our capabilities include business plans and strategies, branding, and complete digital marketing solutions tailored to agreed outcomes. We offer brand positioning, website design, UI/UX design, custom website development, web app development, ecommerce, social media marketing, SEO, copywriting, video, and photography.

Fabric Digital

Fabric Digital at first glance appear to want you to believe they are based in Queenstown NZ. Unfortunately, that is a fabrication. Fabric is an Auckland-based Digital Agency. They say “Queenstown businesses of all sizes in all industries can benefit from SEO”. And that’s true. they continue “whether you are an adventure tourism provider on the shores of Lake Wakatipu or the owner-operator of a Queenstown real estate agency. Through building an SEO strategy you can see an increase the number of visitors to your website.” <- Also true.

That’s where they come in with the guidance of one of their Fabric Digital SEO experts, they can help develop and manage custom Queenstown SEO strategies to promote your business both in Queenstown, surrounding Otago towns, and other regions.

They do this by increasing your position on a range of key searches related to your industry. This increased visibility for organic searches leads to more website traffic, more enquiries, and more sales.

They are not wrong. . Everything except the pretence of being based in Queenstown 😉

Do Good Things

Well, Do Good Things is actually based in Queenstown, so when it comes to Queenstown SEO agencies, they get a point for honesty already. They are dedicated to driving measurable growth for our partners. They want to stand out from conventional digital marketing agencies that prioritise soft marketing metrics like leads and clicks by measuring our work across full-funnel marketing ROI. Do Good Things has some great content and if you’re searching for a Queenstown SEO company, whose actually based there, then get in touch with the.

Back9 Creative

Well, what can we say?  I guess the fact that you’re on our website and you more than likely found us in a Google Search, then reiterates it. But full disclosure we’re not based in Queenstown either… And like some other SEO and Digital Marketing companies we’re not going to pretend we have an office coming soon. But hey, never say never… We’re only a couple of hours down the road anyway in Invercargill.

We don’t usually add ourselves to these posts because we don’t like to toot our own horn when the results speak for themselves, but yes, we do believe we are one of the best Queenstown SEO companies – or NZ SEO companies to be fair… Much like the other companies on this list, we offer the same laundry list of services. So what makes us different?  Well, Nothing specific really. We’re all good at SEO, or our websites wouldn’t be ranking on Google, right? So you’ll choose to talk to us if you think we can deliver value (pssst… We can by the way…) And we’d love to have a chat and see if we can work together…

So, who is the best Queenstown SEO agency for you and your business?

So which Queenstown SEO company is the best for you and your business? Well… That still depends on what you’re looking for. Are the above companies still at the top of the results? SEO is a complicated field – actually it’s a minefield. And to stay at the top of Google you (or the agency you partner with) need to work bloody hard!

All of the above businesses claim to be the Best SEO company in Southland. Best these days is subjective, and is more about what it best for you and your business! What are you trying to achieve and who aligns with your values the best?

If you’re looking to partner with an SEO Agency or Freelancer, or wondering How to choose the right marketing agency for your business you must take the time to research. We’ve had several clients over the years who feel they have not seen results paying for SEO. And the reality is, there are a lot of people out there saying they are the best. SEO is also a long-term investment How Long it takes for SEO to show results will vary. This will depend on a number of factors… These include (but are not limited to) how good your website design is. And then how well developed or built it is too.

Do some Google searches

When you’re deciding who to contact, do some google searches to see how well their website ranks. Look over their website. If their site seems easy to use, and it answers most of your questions, chances are they could be a good fit. One tip is to check right at the bottom of their website and looks for the “Copyright ©” info. If it says 2014, chances are they may be a bit out of touch. Read up on their services, and testimonials. Ultimately if their style and tone match what you want for your own business, they may be worth talking to. Taking time to find that right fit and work with credible, reliable businesses can save time and trouble later on. So it’s worth the effort!

Ironically, though, if you’re reading this article, you found at the top of the Google Search results. Well… You may have found the best SEO company in Southland already 😉