Photography Image

With newer and better cell phones coming out practically every day anymore, anybody with a high-end smartphone has a camera in their pocket with quality that used to be reserved for professional cameras. But that doesn’t make them professional photographers.

Even with the craziest snap chat filters—looking at you, Face Swap—there’s a certain edge to professional photographs that amateurs or enthusiasts just can’t match. A combination of training, a keen eye, and a lens that costs 100x more than the camera in a $20 smartphone can make a tremendous difference in quality; especially when the image represents your business.

Don’t stock up on images

Stock images like Adobe Stock have literally millions of images to choose from. They come in large, high-resolution, and look very professional. But although they’re large, they all have that ‘stocky feel’, especially the ones that feature people. And people recognise that, even the ones who aren’t professional marketers that live online. Stock photos certainly have their place, but being the face of your business isn’t one of them.

Studies consistently show that people respond to original images better than stock photos, especially when they’re of similar quality. But what about when your best photography efforts look no better than a preschooler who hits the shutter button when they trip? While it’s often better to have original photos when possible, it’s crucial that those pictures are of good quality when you have handmade or original products. If you’re a reseller, manufacturers typically have decent photos of their products, (though you interacting with them in some way is better!) but a picture of ugly handmade food probably won’t win you over customers; even if it tastes like deep dish all-meat pizza dipped in the Nectar of the Gods.

We have experienced photographers ready to take a shot

Authenticity is important for your brand positioning. And it’s important in business too. Your customers want you to be real and genuine. Having a slight stammer in a promo video or a staring too directly into the camera while holding a new product can be more helpful than hurtful. But when your picture makes your Manuka honey-infused ice cream look like a yellow puddle… Parents aren’t going to want their kids to try that.

With our experience in photography, (and decent, expensive gear) we can upgrade your business photos to the next level. We take care of all the complicated stuff like lighting, modelling, angles, lens types, distance, backdrops, and everything else. All you have to worry about is providing the product… And maybe modelling for a few shots! Stop by today and we’ll show you how you can see your handiwork in a new light and watch as our professional shots bring in everyone and their pocket camera to admire your goods.

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