Advertising Campaigns

We’ve all heard or watched a bad ad campaign that we can’t get away from. At first, it’s not so bad, maybe even funny. Then it plays over and over again. And over. AND OVER. It lines up perfectly with your daily commute. Or it plays right before your favourite show. Or on every single YouTube video. Exposure is a good thing, but just like in photography, overexposure can ruin your (company’s) image.

A good ad, on the other hand, can be amazing. Or even beautiful. And a lot more persuasive than you might think. There’s a lot of things we take as fact that are only “fact” because of persistent advertising from decades past. Diamonds being “special”, “rare” gemstones that are basically necessary for an engagement in Western society is all from advertising from the De Beers Corporation. Men everywhere thank you for that $1k-100k life milestone.

How do you create a diamond-strength ad campaign?

To compete with the brilliance of diamonds, you need to find some of your own. Fortunately, we can be found by phone, email, or just walking down Spey St. A lot of people come to us and claim they tried a single ad, like one in the newspaper, and didn’t get any results. Judging the value of advertising from a single try is like saying Rainbow’s End is no fun after one ride. And that ride is AA Driver’s Town.

Working in both digital and print advertising, we can take your advertising to the diamond level by integrating print media and online campaigns with a seamless design. Have a major event coming up and want attendees? We can spread the word with a free ticket giveaway. How about a new product you’ve finally gotten on the shelves? A launch campaign can have it on everyone’s lips the first day it goes on sale. Using research and long-term strategies, we’ll develop an effective advertising campaign that sparkles and entices customers.

Do I even have to do anything then?

Yes, we’re professionals, but that doesn’t mean we don’t want your advice. We need your help if you want the best ad campaign since Metro Trains’ “Dumb Ways to Die”. What are your goals? Who do you want to reach? How much are you willing to spend?

We go over these questions and many more when you come in for the in-person consultation. Once we know what you’re looking for, we’ll create a marketing strategy that includes all of your ad campaigns. Feel free to get in touch come to us today for a single ad, campaign, or a series of campaigns and watch as your business goes from dust to a brilliant shiny rock of an establishment.

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