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Findex – Southern Milk Transport

Recruitment Campaign Marketing is ever-evolving. So is the world of Logistics. In this case, Findex HR representing Southern Milk Transport, was faced a critical challenge in expanding their workforce. This was to meet the demands of their growing operations in short timeframe. Effective Recruitment Campaign Marketing is what was required! Tasked with recruiting skilled and reliable tanker drivers. Subsequently  Findex sought the expertise of our marketing team. In short, they needed us to devise an impactful recruitment campaign.

With Some 35 Roles needing filled, the mission was clear. As a result we developed and executes a comprehensive strategy. It was a strategy that utilised both static visuals and engaging video content. So with the deliverables nailed down the main media channel used was Facebook/Social Media Ads.  The ultimate goal of attracting a qualified pool of applicants to consequently fill vital roles within the organisation.

This case study delves into the intricacies of our collaboration…

In recruitment campaign marketing, social media can play an essential role in successful advertising. Using the likes of Facebook and Instagram is a powerful means of reaching and engaging potential candidates. In the Southern Milk Transport recruitment campaign by Findex, using both video ads and static images in different Ad Sets was a strategic move. Video ads made job opportunities more vivid and engaging, while static images conveyed important information concisely.

Over 357,400 ad impressions

The aim was to use Facebook to get more people interested in driving for Open Country / SMT. The plan was firstly, to show what it’s like to work there and secondly what the job needs. Furthermore making it easy for people to apply was a huge consideration too. The success of this approach shows how important social media can be for connecting employers with potential hires and making the campaign successful.

Qualified Leads
Conversion Rate
Success rate of roles to fill

Video Plays: 68,500 

Facebook Page Engagement: 18,235

We filled 74% of the roles in Waikato and 100% of the roles required in Southland
Findex – Southern Milk Transport