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Be The Jack of Your Trade (Show)

Advertising | Business | Marketing | 25/06/2019

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Contributor Aria Tongs. Graphic Designer

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could find a place where a bunch of people with similar interests? And if those interests just so happen to align with the products and/or services that your company offers? The quality of these leads would be an enormous step up from typical leads that may or may not be interested in what you do.

Fortunately, this place does exist; in Trade shows and exhibitions.

Trade shows are one of the best ways to acquire these high-quality leads, the kind of people who are interested in your offerings and are prepared to take the next step. But it’s also a place that tends to be rife with competition. So what can you do to outshine your competitors and prove that you have a better product or service?

You know that once you get someone’s attention, you can convince them that you’re the best option to solve the problem they’re looking to fix. But how do you get that attention in the first place?


Use professional trade show branding that stands outScreen Shot 2019-08-02 at 11.33.51 AM

If you’ve ever been to a trade show, you’ve probably seen a booth that made you stop and investigate further. Think back about that; what was it that grabbed your attention? Likely, it was either something about the booth or the way that the products were displayed. Effective displays make proper use of colour, typography, brand identity, placement, and much more.

Depending on the size of your booth and your allotted space, different displays will be more effective than others. Maximising space usage is key to attracting people to your booth and comes down to the best usage of your surrounding space, the tables themselves, and product displays.


Surrounding Space

Before anyone can see what specifics you have to offer, they have to know that you exist. With a limited amount of time to grab someone’s attention, making effective use of your surrounding space is crucial.

Flags and accessories are one way to stand out. Tall flags with your company logo can help you get spotted from a distance, and they can be made in various shapes and sizes. A fabric wall can provide a sense of closure or even intimacy, which can be beneficial depending on your offerings.

Pop up marquees and fabric arches can also help denote your specific area. They also give an immediate air of quality and professionalism, critical elements when you might only have a few seconds to make a first impression that can make or break a relationship. Do it right by utilising your surrounding space and getting people curious to investigate further.


Display Tables

When someone does approach your area, do your tables speak for themselves or do they require an explanation from your crew? Minimising effort is hugely important at trade shows, especially for casual attendees or people in the early stages of The Buyer’s Journey.

If you have large products or services that are a bit complicated to explain, it can be helpful to have brochures or pamphlets created to provide information. Not only can these help inform visitors if you’re unavailable or chatting with someone else, but it also gives them something to take with them for later.


Product displays and freebies

Unless you have a business without something tangible to offer—like being a life coach—then it’s essential to have your products or examples of your services on display, and on display well. And if you don’t or can’t for some reason, at least having pamphlets or some branded merchandise can keep you memorable. Making use of fabric counters or tablet stands with your company name and examples of your work can be helpful as well.

Free samples are always a draw too, of course. Even notorious cheapskates can be tempted by freebies—and might even be persuaded once they get a small taste. But what about when you have something that’s difficult to sample like software or renovations? When something can’t be given in small pieces, that’s where product demonstrations come in.

Which would be more effective; someone talking about their new quartz countertops that can charge electronics without plugging them in, or having a small slab of the material that actually does it? For most people, seeing something in action makes a massive difference. It might take some creative thinking to figure out a way to do this for you, but it’s much more likely to pay off in the end!


Get your exhibition materials designed by us

Trade shows are a big investment of time, money, and resources, so it’s important to maximise your chances of it paying off. One way to do so is by making sure that all of your exhibition materials are top-quality. With our expertise and experience, we’re experts in designs and making those designs pop in physical materials. Check out our customised exhibition materials options here, then gives us a call or stop by for a chat.



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