Flags and Accessories

Stand out from the crowd with custom printed outdoor flags, available in various heights and with a choice of floor fixings. Our teardrop flags are the perfect way to get your business noticed, road-side or use at an exhibition or conference to add impact to your stand.

Smaller flags are fantastic for custom flags which fly during business hours and are perfect for Cafes advertising freshly brewed coffee, WiFi or an instore sale.

Flags and flag packages in Windblade or Teardrop style
from $197


Windblade Flag Small (2.2m) (2212 x 1462mm)

Windblade Flag Medium (3.3m) (3300 x 700mm)

Windblade Flag Large (4.0m) (4000 x 900mm)

Teardrop Flag Small (2.0m) (1960 x 810mm)

Teardrop Flag Medium (2.8m) (2741 x 2460mm)

Teardrop Flag Large (3.6m) (3590 x 2707mm)

Windblade Flag Package Small S/S (2.5m) (2021 x 607mm)

Windblade Flag Package Small D/S (2.5m) (1749 x 1563mm)

Windblade Flag Package Medium S/S (3.7m) (2988 x 606mm)

Windblade Flag Package Medium D/S (3.7m) (2960 x 1261mm)

Windblade Flag Package Large (4.7m) (4100 x 800mm)

Teardrop Flag Package Small (2.3m) (1749 x 1563mm)

Teardrop Flag Package Medium (2.9m) (2511 x 2099mm)

Teardrop Flag Package Large (4.1m) (3685 x 1287mm)

OPTIONAL EXTRAS (Certain styles only)

10kg Base Plate

15kg Stackable Water Base

20kg Base Plate

30kg Stackable Water Base

5kg Cross Base

Angled Wall Mount

Ground Spike

Tow Bar Mount

U Base

Vertical Wall Mount

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