Southland Charity Hospital 2021 Calendar

We love the South and the stunning scenery and incomparable landscapes. And with Dakota on board, we decided to produce a calendar that will not only look amazing gracing the walls of homes and businesses around NZ, but also help continue to build on the donations from many amazing people around the world and get The Southland Charity Hospital’s vision brought to life.

Profits from the calendar sales will go directly to The Southland Charity Hospital.

Please note: Calendars are estimated to be ready from 14th December 2020 to collect and/or be shipped from this date! (Some event dates displayed on the images may be indicative only at this stage)

The Southland Charity Hospital

The Southland Charity Hospital Trust was established in 2019 following the epic fight of Winton man Blair Vining, who was diagnosed with terminal bowel cancer in 2018 and used his remaining days to fight for equity of healthcare access for all of the people in Southland.

Founded by the community, for the community, the Southland Charity Hospital will provide healthcare for those living in the Southern DHB Zone who would otherwise be unable to access treatment through the private or public systems. The hospital has secured the spot of the former Clifton Tavern for the construction of the hospital building, a site generously donated by the ILT to the cause. Initial treatment will be for colonoscopies to detect Bowel Cancer thanks to the courageous efforts and contributions of the Vining family and will expand to include other treatments over time as more funding and volunteers become available.



Price: $25.00