Blake Fairbairn Building Branding.

Blake Fairbairn Building LTD is a growing local business in the Central Southland area.

Blake came to us for a logo to represent his construction business. He was after a bold, modern and simple design. Throughout the graphic design process, we kept in mind how the branding will be used in his daily environment. We needed to come up with a logo design that would stand out, that uses strong, yet simple colours and that could be used on a variety of platforms and mediums, big and small.

Tanya produced some promising concepts and it came down to Blake choosing between a bold, modern design and very simple design that was slightly more delicate and formal. In the end, he went with the “B” and “F” combination version that you can see below. We think it’s a good choice!

The strong lettering in the “B” and “F” graphic is used as a recognisable symbol that can be used on signs and vehicles. As you can see from the images, we also had the opportunity to create eye-catching graphics for his van. The new logo has a prominent place there, and you’ll probably notice when you’re out and about.

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