Mīharo Branding.

When the Murihiku Māori & Pasifika Cultural Trust approached us to talk about growing their grassroots charity into something grander, we recognised that we had encountered a task that would help the local community grow.

Our first undertaking was rebranding – and finding a name that would eliminate the extraordinarily long introduction of, “Hi, it’s Pauline from the Murihiku Māori and Pasifika Cultural Trust, you know, the Polyfest team.” To find a more concise name to continue growing with required collaboration through research and deliberation, and design thinking. After thoroughly exhausting all ideas, we agreed on Mīharo; meaning to wonder at, and to admire. This name inspires positivity for the team, and acknowledges the wonder and awe they feel towards the young people in their community.

Through the passion, patience, and collaboration of the Mīharo trust, we have developed a logo that communicates the culture, heritage, and sense of place that these leaders achieve to share throughout our region.


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