Nexus Property Services

Adam had worked in his father's business for what seemed like forever.

When he approached us, he had taken over the business. While he wanted to keep many aspects the same, he also wanted to streamline marketing for the digital age. Part of that included rebranding and expanding his services. With years of providing spraying services, Adam also wanted to use his property maintenance skills in a professional capacity.

From there came Nexus. The original website was simple and straightforward. A little too simple. To help explain his new offerings, Dallen interviewed Adam to learn more about the specific products and services. With this new information, we added a significant amount of writing to his site and split his services into distinct categories for their website.

To start, we provided the logo design, business cards, site signs, website design and development, online marketing. With their website is off to a good start, and Adam has ramped up his marketing efforts. He started social media marketing on Facebook and we created a profile for the company. We also set up a Google Ads account for Nexus so that the new content we created could reach more people.


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