Rayners Website.

Rayners offer a diverse range of products and services from the design and build of major commercial and industrial HVAC systems through to the retailing of home heating and air conditioning products in the Otago/Southland regions.

Rayners approached us for a much-needed redesign of their website. They needed a functional and informative website that showcases what they do and the standard to which they complete their projects. And with multiple locations, they had a large potential outreach. It was our goal to make that outreach as effective as possible.

In order to produce a great-looking website we needed content and good-quality photos; something that was lacking on the old website. Photos of a “major commercial and industrial HVAC systems” nature are quite hard to come by, but luckily we had access to a number of excellent photographers to capture a number of different projects in action in different locations across Southland and Otago. Plus, we’ve seen time after time that real photos are more effective than stock images.

After we completed the site, we worked with Rayners again to do website maintenance for them. This included going in and updating some pages for SEO purposes including writing new meta descriptions.

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